Healing Sounds of the Chakras

Sacred Sound for Balancing the Chakras
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The Healing Sounds Associated with the Chakra System:

I’ve always utilized the healing vibration of sound. Even way back, in church, I felt the healing power of the blended harmonies lifted in prayer and praise. Most cultures I’ve ever had the honor of sharing ceremony with know that Sound is Sacred. It is certainly a large part of the prayer ritual in Native-American ceremonies in which I’ve participated, as well as East Indian and other cultures.

In my healing work, tones have been a significant tool for helping stagnant energy move through, releasing cellular trauma and restoring balance to cells and tissues.

This message about utilizing the healing power of sound came by email from Sai Maa this morning and shared the sound at which each of the seven main chakras of the body naturally resonate.

Making these sounds can help the body balance, restore energetic flow and heal.

Healing Sound for lst chakra – LAM
Healing Sound for 2nd chakra – VAM
Healing Sound for 3rd chakra – RAM
Healing Sound for 4th chakra – YAM
Healing Sound for 5th chakra – HAM
Healing Sound for 6th chakra – OM
Healing Sound for 7th chakra – GAM

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