Noticing Spiritual Synchronicity

Noticing Spiritual Synchronicity

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Spiritual Synchronicity Comes Full Circle

I posted earlier about my discovery that someone is building three large chicken houses about a half mile from my home.

I was thinking this morning, while reading Oprah’s blog about her 21-day cleanse, that there has been a synchronicity leading up to that moment. Up til this morning, I hadn’t realized that but had felt something building.

Spiritual awareness, in my reality, draws what I need to shift consciousness. Because I am actively seeking more and more spiritual integrity and centering, I notice synchronicity in messages….eventually, ha.

About three weeks ago, I guess, I was once again behind a chicken truck on the highway. Every time this happens, and I see those chickens in their cramped little crates, sometimes in the dead of winter with the freezing air just rushing thru the open cages, I decide again that I will stop eating chicken.

Then, over time, the memory dims and I forget how badly most of our feathered friends are treated before they make the ultimate sacrifice for us.

When I got behind this particular truck, it was empty. I was grateful for that but, at the same time, noticed that I was having the same reactions as if the truck had been filled. I could still see those chickens. Though it was not cold this day, it was raining and I could imagine what that would have felt like, pelting them through the crates.

So, once again, I swore off meats. I looked at the consciousness of cows again and also recalled the newscast I had recently seen about how the processing of beef was one of the most energy-wasteful food processes of any food we eat. In other words, beef costs more energy (gas, specifically) to process, ship and get on the table that most other foods.

Add to this the simply horrible images I have in my head from documentaries about beef processing plants and the simpler question might be how I could ever eat it instead of how do I stop.

One of my challenges with this idea of giving up meat has been that my body really craves the kind of protein in beef and chicken.

I’ve tried soy, whey and other proteins and they are simply not the same. In fact, whey protein products upset my digestive and eliminatory processes and soy just doesn’t feel right in my body ….. so, how do I get my protein? I can only eat so many beans!

Anyway, back to synchronicity…

Nothing brings a message home like having it come home, literally When I think of having a chicken house that close to me, I just can’t think of it. Really.

At first, I thought it would be the odor. I talked with the man building the houses and he says there will be solid walls to reduce odor, rather than open walls. Doesn’t mean there won’t be odor but should not be as bad as I first imagined.

However, I am realizing that odor wasn’t the biggest issue. The reality is sinking in that I don’t want to be that aware of what it takes to bring that chicken dinner to my table.

And then I tune in to Oprah to hear this woman speaking of not eating meat, as part of conscious eating…..

Spiritual synchronicity, full circle.

So what do I do now? Well, I live my life here. I am probably going to sell my healing center. Until it sells, I live my life. I will be living it a little more consciously due to these developments.

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