Marshmallow Leaves Prescription Drug Interactions

Marshmallow Leaves Prescription Drug Interactions
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Part of my personal experience with and product review of Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea

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This page involves information on potential side effects with one of the ingredients in the Holy Tea, Marshmallow leaves. Precautions to consider when taking Marshmallow Leaves, to rule out prescription drug interactions an nutritional supplement side effects:

As far as prescription drug interactions or side effects from marshmallow leaves, I have found no evidence that any exist. I did find one reference to marshmallow delaying the absorption of prescription meds if taken at the same time so check with your doctor and stagger your consumption of marshmallow leaves at least a couple hours away from the times you take your meds.

Although allergic reactions and nutritional side effects to marshmallow are also rare, they are not non-existent so exercise caution if prone to allergies to plants.

Even though no prescription drug interactions are noted, you should always check with your doctor if on any prescription drug medications.

This warning is issued because new drugs are coming out all the time and also, new drug interactions are being discovered all the time, as more and more people turn to alternative remedies as adjunctive therapy for healing.

Caution for diabetics:
Thought there have been no studies on this with human participants that I could find, there was sparse reference to the potential of marshmallow affecting blood sugar levels so anyone who is pre-diabetic or diabetic should check with their doctor before adding this nutritional supplement to the health regimen.

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Like Malva Leaves, another ingedient in Holy Tea, Marshmallow leaves also contain mucilage so they have been traditionally used in some of the same ways that malva leaves have been used (throat aliments, dry cough, upset stomach) by herbalists and natural healers over the years.

In addition, taken internally, marshmallow leaves can help to address conditions including pleurisy.

Again, like Malva Leaves, I have found more than one reference to marshmallow leaves being useful in cases of colitis, diverticiulitis and other bowel complaints but would caution anyone already on medication for those types of conditions to check with your doctor before adding malva or other laxative herbs to your regimen.

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