Groundhog as a totem

Groundhog as a totem

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Repeated Groundhog Encounters

I’ve worked with animal teachers for many years now. I have trained myself to pay attention to the creature beings that enter my life. In Native and other spiritual cultures, it is known that nature has a unique and personal wisdom in the animal kingdom and that we can, with intent, learn from the wisdom of four-leggeds and winged ones and creepy-crawlies, just as we would learn from human teachers.

When they appear in my own life a significant way, I strive to pause and ask….”what was I thinking? what was I about to do, say, decide?” The messages have been life-altering at times and, at other times, very confusing.

I am wondering if anyone has information on groundhog as a totem because I’ve been seeing them everywhere. I saw four in one day….three on one side of the road and then a fourth about a mile down the same road. Then, a fifth groundhog just a few days later.

Then, I hit one with my car. Thank God it didn’t kill it but I recognized an acceleration in the animal medicine and wondered … what am I missing about this that it had to come again, and so severely this time?

I read in Animal Speaks that groundhog as a totem can be a foretelling of a period of intense spiritual digging and development that lasts for two years. I confess that is not the message I want. I feel I’ve dug and developed for a gajillion lifetimes already. I’m really, really, really sure that work is over.

Animal Speaks also says that groundhog may appear as a totem or Spirit messenger to assist with lesson on death without dying. That’s another lesson I thought I’d done with. Am I missing something or just thinking I’m through with something and not through? I just wondered if anyone else might have a different message from groundhog as a totem. If so, I’d love to hear your comments.

3 thoughts on “Groundhog as a totem

  1. All I can say hon… is I hear ya. Same here! I mean really… Almost hit one on the ride home… I have been through the death thingy too many times to count…. If I get some clarity on this, so that I may finally be done with it I will gladly let you know… It seems to have something to do with the shift in energies… Are you dealing with mold also? Seems to be a part of it for me at least…. I also got from the one I almost hit today is that it’s up to us to decide if winter is over…. Not sure how that will play out in the grand scheme of things… Maybe it will help you some.

    flowerrising at yahoo dot com

  2. Jasmyn: Thanks for posting now. I had forgotten about this, since it was last year that I originally posted it. Looking back now, I wonder if all those groundhogs were telling me about the omega experience I had coming. I went to volunteer as seasonal staff at the Omega Institute and one of the most precious parts of that trip was seeing animals without fear, specifically a groundhog that slept under my dorm, almost underneath my room and that walked up to me one day with complete ease. I wrote about it under the omega category at

    And, like you, I wonder about the message of winter. It was so unbelievably cold at Omega and also the dorms were propane-heated, which was miserable for me. In other words, I suffered for the gifts I got there. I believe we can move into a reality where there does not have to be sacrifice for the gifts. Perhaps winter is truly over.

    Ha, as I say that, it’s colder than blue blazes here in Alabama. Nevertheless….

  3. ps. I dealt with mold at omega too. Not now though. There’s a homeopathic by Apex Energetics called Allertox. Helped my body create a change so that mold is not so bothersome now. There’s a drugstore online that sells the Apex Energetics formulas. I think Rite-Care.

    Also, I am finding the PCA-rx I’m taking to detox heavy metals is also helping my immune system in other ways. I like it very much. I’ve got info on that here:

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