Alternative Currency and Barter

Looking at Alternative Currency and Barter

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Money Matters and the Exploration of Alternatives

A few months back, I started exploring the idea of barter as a way of getting what I needed and also began to explore this idea of alternative currency that has been around for a while now.

Because I see the transformative energies of 2012 as having the potential to collapse the entire money concept, structure and reality, I have been wondering where the spiritually aware are going, in what direction, when it comes to abundance and sharing.

I was dismayed to find our government stopping some cities from producing their own currency and wondered if there was a way to explore new ideas around money and the exchange of energy it represents that was being successfully developed.

I signed up for a barter newsletter and just got their latest email. I wanted to post it here in case anyone else is considering barter or alternative currency.

My interest in this blossomed more when I realized I would be selling my current home, the home I had just purchased a year ago for the purpose of creating a healing center, due to the discovery that three chicken houses were being built less than a half mile from me.

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With regard to that last post, one result was that I’ve stopped eating chicken altogether. I’m not sure that’s a permanent life change but it’s been almost a month and the only chicken I’ve had is a little organic, free range chicken broth. I haven’t missed it and I know I’m making a difference. For every person who refuses to support the mistreatment of animals for human gain, the world shifts a little.

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s wrong to eat meat. I still eat meat and, if I knew of a company that treated their chickens humanely through their entire life and then carried a Spirit of respect and thanksgiving, taking care and using kindness when it came time to sacrifice the chickens for the nutrition of a human being, I’d still eat chicken.

Anyway, I digress……Here’s the info on barter and a link to the barter club at the bottom in case anyone wants to read more about it.

Are you stressing over GAS prices?

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Yes, we’re all stressing about the prices of gas. As gas prices continue to climb we’re all looking for ways to save our cash flow. Each time we have to spend any cash we cringe. So I have a question for you. If you need to buy something would you rather take the money out of your B of A bank account or would you like to spend trade credits from your barter account? This is a no brainer for me because I’ve been using trade credits for 10 years to improve my bottom line. I understand that trade credits are money and I like money. I like any money that I can spend. My first year as a trade member I took in $8,000. Now that’s not a lot of money but it came in handy when I needed dental work, eye glasses and a new roof on my house. Trade credits spend just like cash.
With consumer prices rising and our economy slowing trade becomes even more valuable to all business owners. We need to buy stuff but have less cash to work with. We all have something we can trade. Look around what do you have that is collecting dust? Are you paying for storage spaces. If you’re a service business do you have time that is not being used by cash customers? It’s 10 times easier to make a trade sale then a cash sale.
If you want to save your cash and buy with trade credits instead you will need to sell/trade something first. That means you must first get over the idea that only USA dollars are of benefit to you. You will need to look at the big picture. Look past your first reaction. You can avoid all risk by locating what you want to buy with trade credits first. Then trade to raise the credits you need. I call this trading in reverse. There is no risk because you already know what you want to buy and know how much money trading will save you. There is no cash cost to you unless you receive business from Barter Bucks. Barter Bucks only gets paid when you make money.

To learn more about how you can grow your business using trade call Barter Bucks for a no obligation consultation. We will help you find things you’re already buying with cash that you can start buying with trade credits. Improving your cash flow will help you cut down on your stress related to money.

This information provided courtesy of Bucks News by Debbie DeSousa

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