Awakening as a Healer

Hot and Tingling Hands / Uncontrollable Eye Movements –
Symptoms of Awakening as a Healer?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Question on being a healer:

I have been experiencing a strange sensation in my hands lately, it feels hot and have a tingling sensation which I cannot explain especially during song worship, if I close my eyes I can feel my eyes moving without having control and I get the impression of a fast moving light in front of my closed eyes. Do you have and explanation and information with regard to this.

Healing Facilitation Response:

The sensations you mention feeling in your hands are very much indicative of awakening healing energies. Also, the eyes moving without control is a spiritual indicator as well.

Uncontrollable eye movements, particularly if you feel as if your eyes might be rolling back in your head or moving rapidly from one side to the other, it can be an indication that data is being transmitted. The data can be coming to you, for the purpose of informing your work as a healer or your own spiritual path, or you may be developing as a transmitter for spiritual data that is to be of benefit to others.

Another spiritual implication of unexplained and uncontrollable eye movements is the reprogramming of belief systems. When mindset and consciousness are being upgraded to new levels, the eyes will often react.

Of course, uncontrollable eye movements can also have medical implications but you are not asking about tumors or seizures or other physical conditions. You are asking what it means on a spiritual level and these are my experiences.

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