Feeling My Own Feet

Feeling My Own Feet

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A grounding and centering practice

Can you feel both your feet?

I mean, can you feel your Spirit coming into your form, your chosen form on the third dimension, all the way down to the toes in both your feet?

I couldn’t. I realized I was part-way out of my body and, when I looked at why that was, I realized that my mind had taken me into the future. Whenever I am in the future, to the degree that I am in the future, I have left the present. This shows up for me as a lack of grounding, or centering.

A good, good spiritual practice for me is simply to notice my feet and see if I feel myself all the way to the ends of my toes. It’s an odd realization to note that I cannot feel my feet. As soon as I know I can’t, I am there by virtue of sending my consciousness down to my feet.

In a way I can’t explain, it helps to center me, bring me back to the present moment and balance me in whatever future potential I face. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved foot reflexology so much. It is a delightful way to get back into my feet, and into the now.

The habit I had very unconsciously gotten into was to let my mind carry me away from the present moment. It’s a tricky thing, learning to plan for future potential IN THE MOMENT and vastly different than letting the mind go into that imaginary future and start trying to work out how it will be, should be, may end up being, or may not be.

Sometimes I even stamp my feet, to get myself back into them and into the present moment. Whatever it takes, I want to stay conscious as much as I can. Grounding and centering are important practices in that regard.

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