Homeopathic Remedy for Herpes

Introducing a new homeopathic remedy for herpes:
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by Neva J. Howell, unless otherwise noted

New Help for Genetal Herpes:

An estimated one in four adults suffers from genetal herpes. Now, there is a herpes remedy emerging from the homeopathic medicine community that offers welcome relief for herpes sufferers.

I’ve always felt that homeopathic remedies were particularly safe and often more effective than even some prescription drug solutions. This homeopathic remedy for herpes is soundly based on principals of homeopathy.

The ingredients in this formula have been utilized, separately or in some form of conbination, by homeopaths to treat single symptoms of oral and genetal herpes for many years. However, it is the synergistic blend of these ingredients that makes a potent difference in this homeopathic remedy for herpes.

Here’s a partial list of the homeopathic antiherpetic ingredients:

Rhus tox: Helps to reduce the inflammation and itching of a genetal herpes outbreak
Apis Mellifica: Provides welcome relief from the burning pain, stinging sensations and the swelling of a genetal herpes outbreak
Baptista (Wild Indigo): Particularly useful in oral herpes
Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper): For effective pain relief
Nitricum Acidum (Nitric Acid): Helps reduce the spreading of a genetal herpes outbreak and helps to heal the cracking that can occur as blisters dry.
Pyrogenium: Helps abscesses to heal more rapidly

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