Prometa Personal Experience Stories Sought

Did you go through a drug rehab treatment with Prometa? Want to share the experience with others who may be considering Prometa for drug addiction?

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Seeking Personal Experience Stories in being treated with Prometa for drug addiction

A while back I posted an article on the new drug treatment for addiction, Prometa which has been getting a good bit of response.

I am looking for people who may have personally used Prometa for drug addiction and who might want to share their personal experience for the benefit of others.

Rules for posting:

1. Cannot be promoting a Prometa site as this is a conflict of interest.

ps. If you do promote Prometa and you want to talk about the treatment, the results or any other aspect of this subject, I can still accept your articles if original and not already posted online. I see no point in posting content that can already be found with a simple google search.

2. Cannot contain inflammatory, accusatory language or be aggressively angry in tone. I just want a report of the results you personally had with Prometa, and not a rant against doctors, pharmacies, etc.

3. If you do want me to link a website, this content you are posting cannot also be posted there and your website MUST contain original content, and not just advertisements. Also, tone of website must be informative not aggressively angry or accusatory.

It’s not that I don’t share some of the same feelings. It’s that I don’t find airing personal opinion to be conducive to better understanding. Drug addiction is a complex issue and it is good to hear all sides of the issue, to understand more of what is needed for healing.

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