Actually Living by Faith

My Ego is Clueless when “Do”less

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Learning to walk in faith

I heard it growing up, from every pulpit.

I heard it all grown up, from every spiritual and motivational speaker…..

We walk by faith if we walk in alignment with our Highest Potential.

I’ve worked it all my life, this one piece, in all it’s various shades and hues.
I’ve worked it but I’ve seldom walked it, without work and conscious effort.

This morning, I got a glimpse of actually walking it instead of working it and it shook my little ego self to it’s very core.

So used to the illusion of control by doing, my ego became almost uncontrollably agitated at the idea that there was really nothing for that part of me to do.

That, in fact, it had done it’s job so well that I finally got the lesson and the personality self could just chill and let Spirit move our lives.

That doesn’t mean I sit still and do nothing, oh no.

In fact, since I “got it” things have been presenting themselves at warp speed….potentials, invitations, Spirit-guided direction. My job in this new paradigm is comforting a little ego self that is quite freaked out by realizing that it controls nothing at all and needs do nothing at all until the very moment something needs doing.

At that divinely inspired moment, “doing” becomes so effortless that it feels to the ego as if we haven’t participated.

It’s a learning curve.

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