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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Walking the Path of Peace

Well, I returned home from Caritas of Birmingham a few days earlier than I had planned. It was all perfect, even the day I spent in torment trying to get my tent up and to make it through a night of camping in an incredibly noisy environment with generators, constant traffic, etc.

I attended the first gathering in the field. For those unfamiliar with Caritas, it is a community founded on the principles brought in from visionary messages. These messages are said to be coming from Mother Mary.

I honestly believe I was thinking of Conyers, Georgia when I went there. I’ve never been to Conyers yet and don’t know that I want to go now but if I could have gone back when…. was it 1994 that Nancy Fowler gave her last message from Mother Mary…. I might have done so.

In any case, I got some very significant insight into my own spiritual path and the way Spirit wants to use me. It appears that my path involves standing in places where there is some degree of crystallization around religious form and shining light on the path of flow. I don’t need to articulate that any more clearly at this point in time.

I am grateful for the journey I took to Caritas and feel that the many gathered there held a lovely energy toward the appearing of Mother Mary. That was a nice energy in which to stand.

I am also grateful for an earlier, gentler pilgrimage with a man named Scaughdt. He is a Peace Pilgrim in rather the tradition of the original Peace Pilgrim and is a Light and a Delight to be with and commune with in Love. If you have a chance to see Scaughdt, I’d encourage exploring whether it is in your path to do so. He’s a blessing and so clear in his own path while so open to the reality that we each have our paths and that, while they cross at times with blessings for each in the crossing, we all must have freedom to continue our own path as Spirit guides.

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