Computer Eye Strain and Shingles

Computer Eye Strain Remedy
Shingles of the Eye

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MSM Drops to the Rescue

UPDATE, 2018: Since posting this originally, Rich’s MSM drops went off the market. I could never get to the bottom of the issue but best I could tell there was some question of bacteria in the formula. It appears the original Rich’s MSM drops are back but with the addition of colloidal silver. That’s probably a good idea, to preserve the formula longer. I am using them again.

Another way to get the benefits of MSM may be sulfur flakes, if you don’t mind the taste in water. Taking pure sulfur flakes that have not been processed gets the MSM to all parts of the body, including the eyes. Here’s more on organic sulfur flakes vs MSM capsules or other processed MSM products. It’s actually an article on how sulfur may help midigate the effects of nuclear radiation but also talks about general health benefits.

As far as I know the typical medical treatment
for shingles as well as other strains of the herpes virus family is Acyclovir or Valtrex

I work on the computer A LOT and one of the results is that I have
computer eye strain. Getting up about once per hour, taking a break and closing my eyes helps.

I also try to make sure I have good light at the computer and that I have the fonts big enough to see easily. However, I recently got reintroduced to a product that I used years ago and forgot about that is proving very helpful for my own computer eye strain.

It’s MSM drops. Basically just purified water and MSM. The type I’m using also has ionic silver added. It’s called Rich’s MSM drops. I just put one drop in my eyes morning and evening and it helps so much. Helps also when I’m driving a lot.

I heard from a woman who had shingles around her left eye that caused some eye damage and she mentioned that the MSM drops had helped her vision to improve and her eyes to feel much better so I thought I’d try it for eye strain and also because I once had shingles on my head. It never went into the eye but it came close so I’ve dealt with some nerve tingling near the eye ever since. I’m considering this preventative medicine and also hoping the MSM helps reduce the tingling sensations.

The story above is ancedotal and does NOT represent medical testing, studies, research or any kind of proof that MSM drops will help the eye damaged with shingles. My own story, of it relieving eyestrain in my case, is also just my own experience.

MSM drops are not represented as replacement for any needed medical treatment or evaluation if you have shingles of the face or eyes. Shingles around the eyes is very serious and you should get appropriate testing and evaluation done if you have it.

2 thoughts on “Computer Eye Strain and Shingles

  1. Hi there,

    I noticed I get more eye strain from glaring bright colors on my screen than from dark ones. That’s why I use a dark color scheme on my computer now which really helps. I also prefer to use websites with a black background like Speedchart and Bloomberg.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Meg:

    I do have my whole screen sort of light, because I prefer it. Never thought about changing my scheme. However, I am not sure how to change the color scheme on sites I view online. I have not heard of Speedchart or Bloomberg. I didn’t realize you were talking about search engines…wow, that is sort of cool.

    Just went to and did a search. The backgrounds are black even when you search…I can see where that might definitely cut down on computer eye strain. Thanks for the tip.

    Didn’t like having to skip an ad first thing when I went to but it looks like a news site, right? How cool to have these non-glaring options. I so appreciate you taking time to share them.

    Most web designers do not use black backgrounds because it is poor web design but if computer eye strain gets to be more of an issue, we may see more sites like this. I still prefer pastels myself and yet, to protect my eyes, would change my site too if it came to that.

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