All the doors closing

Looking for an opening
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Getting a clear picture of what NOT to do….

Lately, I feel like Spirit is closing a lot of doors in my life and I’m wondering when something is going to open. Just one example of many in the past few weeks…..I’ve felt I needed to make a change in my life for some time. A friend had wanted to go to the Redwoods with me and had asked several times so I thought, maybe a pilgrimage with conscious intent to a glorious exhibition of natural beauty might help shift me and shine forth a direction for my life.

Started looking at ways to get there (fly, drive, amtrak, etc.) and found out there are over a thousand fires burning out there right now. Then, amazingly, a friend of mine in Oregon decides to go and reports back that yes, indeed, a tough time to be there. Severe smoke and hard to breathe. Hard to see very far too. Door closed.

I’ve heard it said that when God closes a door, God opens a window. I’m seeing the doors close all around me….where’s the window?

Update: After learning about human design and a bit about my profile, which is 6/3 generator, I can look back at this moment in my life and consider whether I was urging myself toward something that would ease the feeling that I needed to “fix” something and maybe the trip to the Redwoods would have been a disaster. I am so acutely aware of a need to “fix” and to “change” the present moment whenever the present moment feels boring or stuck or non-progressive to me.

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