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Lite Touch Massage – Joy Murray
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Lite Touch Massage Therapy
Lake City, Tennessee

UPDATE: My dear friend Joy has passed on. She was a beautiful being who had a wonderful, wry sense of humor that often caught me unawares. I miss her.

Personal recommendation for massage therapist Joy Murray:

I am a client of Joy Murray of Lite Touch Massage Therapy. I have found her to be very skillful and professional. In addition, she incorporates pain release techniques that go beyond the scope of just a regular therapeutic massage.

The massage environment is always relaxing and peaceful with the essence of Native American philosophy.

One can actually sense a warmth and energy from her hands and I always leave the massage session feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking the healthful effects of massage or pain relief techniques administered in a spiritual and natural setting.

Recommendation submitted by
Richard A. Dunifer

Personal Note from Neva: I have been a friend of Joy’s for many years now. I know her to be caring and compassionate person, as well as someone who strives to be of good service to others in a way that resonates with me personally.

I believe you will find Joy to be open to questions and willing to help with designing a massage program that is best for you. I also believe Joy will honestly tell you if she feels she not the best therapist for your needs and this is something I greatly value. No one is all things to all people and it is a mark of integrity in my book, when a service-based therapist recognizes this.

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