Releasing the Strangle-Hold of Fear

Moving Toward the Spiritual Embodiment of a Fearless Life

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Releasing the Strangle-Hold of Fear

Fear may be the biggest piece we, as a planet, are working now. It has such a grip on most of us. I certainly have danced my own dance with fear and fighting my personal demons. I continue to get on the dance floor with it at times yet now, I do so with consciousness. Before, it was just blind movement. Now, I say to myself “Ah, I’m dancing with my fear again.”

I marvel at how metaphysically profound the words of John F. Kennedy really were – nothing to fear but fear itself, indeed. It is the fear the cripples, the fear of what may or may not happen.

I got this email this morning from Maureen Moss over at World Puja and thought I’d share what she had to say about fear. It feels timely and right on and I’d just add that we do still need discernment and intuition and the challenge, at least in my own life, has been to tell the difference between those guidance systems and fear. Even more important, to even be able to over-ride the intuition which is trying to protect me and may be doing so out of an old program of fear, and rise to the level of spiritual visioning and receiving guidance in the NOW.

Guest Article by Maureen Moss:

We are on shaky ground as fear continues to escalate and undermine our highest potentials, drags our consciousness through the mud and literally makes fools out of the Gods that we are.

As a species we cannot pull this kind of energy into play any more, not for any reason, for any season, for any story, for any thing or anybody. It is seriously obvious that there is infiltration on and off this Planet with a plan to incite fear wherever possible for personal gain. I am guided to reach out again and bring attention to the need to cultivate a fearless stewardship over your human form.

Many that live now and have lived previously have not worked so hard and for this long to simply let it be ok that fear is still running the show for far too many, and putting others at risk who are making great strides to cease and dismiss this malignant illusion once and for all. Fear is both a malignant and ignorant illusion induced by skewed perception of experience. It is humanity’s biggest Achilles heel and it’s got to be healed, or the end of suffering will never be had. Never.

Where is God in Fear?

I ask where is the sense in fear? There isn’t any. Where is the knowledge in fear? There isn’t any. (Please don’t confuse discernment or intuition with fear.) Where is the strength in fear? There isn’t any. Where is the life force in fear? There isn’t any. What will fear do to uplift your consciousness? Nothing. What will fear do to end wars? Nothing. What will fear do to bring down the price of gas? Nothing. What does fear accomplish? It multiplies itself, spreads like cancer and puts us into slave mentality. Can fear be used to work against us? Yes. Will it be used to work against us? Yes and it already is! Where is God in fear? Nowhere.

NEVER MIND what’s scaring the life out of you. Over mind what’s scaring the life out of you or consciously mind what’s scarring the life out of you and shift out of it before its malignancy destroys you and others. You owe it to yourself to know that you have what it takes to rise above the insidious groveling, demeaning and clawing nature of fear. Prove this to yourself once and for all.

Take anything inside of you or outside of you that you are afraid of before this day is over and take dominion OVER it by sheer will and pure love for yourself. Watch what happens. Love what happens. Don’t forget what happens.

As a collective we are standing smack dab in the middle of a massive planetary overhaul and we’ve got a job to do that requires complete clarity and fearlessness in spite of the mess we appear to be in and the predictions of what will be. The conditions of the experience we are all going through have a purpose; to give us an experience unlike any other to breakdown mental and emotional and spiritual facades. To breakdown greed and dishonesty and attentions that have strayed in the wrong direction. Furthermore, to abolish human made laws of attraction for inappropriate “things” and to help us rise up as powerful aspects of God by giving us a new value system, teaching us how to be Self sufficient, amplifying the power of the heart, and the heart mind and give us a new lens of perception to see what is real and what is worth being alive in human form for.

Yes we are in a planetary mass rearrangement and that’s why there must be both breakdown and breakthrough, which CAN NOT be done through fear. And if it can’t be done through fear, and you know it, are you going to take that road anyway? Former experience has proven to all of us that the fear road has a dead end and has never resolved one single thing in our lives. Are you going to take a dead end road and let a bully named fear take you and the entire Planet down?

Are you going to pass up an opportunity, perhaps the last of its kind ever, to find out what you are truly capable of and then live from that place, or do you need a recycled experience to give it another go? Are we going to repeat history or make history? Are we going to live Heaven or Hell right here and right now on Planet Earth where both are up for grabs? Pick your side before you are pushed to the side you don’t want to be on. Either side will have you reaping what you sow.

You owe it to yourself and all of humanity to demonstrate the power of fearlessness that lives and breathes inside of your skin and bones and to be in service to the mass consciousness on this Planet as a result of doing so. Your piece of mass consciousness is vital! You can lift it or deplete it with a fear based thought or a fearless one. Don’t think for a moment that your piece of Light doesn’t have enough power to cause a shift in this game, one way or another, because it does, and you are responsible to steward that Light properly.

You have the strength and the power to shift out of fear in mere moments if you come to understand the strategy of fear, and utilize your strategy to strip it down. You are further responsible for discerning whether it is truly you doing the thinking about anything based in fear, or if something is being impressed upon you to think in a perilous manner. This thought takes an open mind, void of Pollyanna mentality and is born of cultivating razor sharp consciousness. When you heighten yourself to that level of consciousness you will realize that you have the power to seal off the largest trap on this Planet, which is fear, and to ward off the “players” who use it purposefully.

If you consent, intend and equip yourself with the ways and means to go about the task of shutting that trap down forever, regardless of whatever comes up or comes down in your life, you will realize your inherent power… God that you are. Self respect and deep self-love will flood in and bless every corner of your life in ways and means that you may have never entertained as being both fulfilling and life giving.

If you consent, intend and equip yourself with the ways and means of abolishing fear, in an instant you can have a breakthrough moment granting you the consciousness to never consent to such obvious manipulation again. Fear is self induced or “otherwise” produced manipulation. For God’s sake, for your sake, for humanities sake please stop whatever you are doing and consider the above. Your life is at stake.

Consider this. What if you were given an internal command that asked you to spend the next 30 days building a safe harbor for your consciousness to dwell and expand in that never allows fear to trespass? How would you build an internal place where fear has no point of entry? What would you need to build a “foolproof/fearproof” harbor? What knowledge would you need as building material? What would you need to know about radical faith, action and inaction and insurmountable love for Self to make this harbor impossible for any fear based thoughts to penetrate no matter what? No matter what! Whether you’ve heard the command and turned a deaf ear or pretended not to hear the internal command…. it has been issued, and is asking you to become a Divine Architect and build that harbor now. No distractions, no stories, no victim mentality, martyr mentality or mortal mentality. No excuses. When you build that harbor, you will be met with indescribable peace, regardless of anything tha
t goes on or off in this world.

If we don’t come to understand and witness for ourselves, within ourselves what the Masters that came before us, (and some who walk among us) taught (and teach) about the simple, uncomplicated love over fear approach to living as Divine Beings of Love and Light we will not be moved up even a half level in consciousness no matter what knowledge you hold or teach about anything that entices the human mind to stray from Self Consciousness.

Consciousness, not knowledge is your energy imprint on the Earth. Consciousness enmeshed with fear profoundly impacts our energy imprint keeping us suppressed, depressed, and away from what we came here to do; transform mortal consciousness! Fear has got to go or we as a species are going to go down, again. Where fear is not, love is, or at the very least neutrality is, bringing us closer to stability.

We are truly at the final frontier of our former existence and undoubtedly it is scary as hell to stand at the threshold of your true Self. It changes everything, and I do mean everything. You are at the edge of the cliff of your life and here, right at the razors edge, do you learn to fly, so let go of everything fearful weighing you down. When you do, the first place you will fly is to the first step of your future life and you will feel the difference from what once was your path of progression to what now will be your path of progression.

Once you get there prepare to not know where you will fly to next, until you are led. Stand in the void and don’t get scared. This is a good place to be, embrace it and don’t get scared. If you do get scared, simply acknowledge it and don’t touch it with another thought! This is Mastery.

What will lead you to the next step is radical trust. Not the lukewarm surrender sort of trust, not the sweaty palms trust, but the trust that makes the difference between who you were while steeped in your fate and who you are about to become steeped in your destiny. Destiny is not shaped by fear; fate on the other hand is sealed by fear.

Wake up every day and get close to your soul. Approach your day fearless about everything no matter what and be willing to be led by the Lantern of the Divine. You will be, so be quiet, and be patient. Develop a strategy for building your fearless harbor and start building. It seemed so easy for so many to heed the call to make vision boards. Let this strategy supercede the most sublime of vision boards. For you see, not everyone’s destiny was meant to have everything they envisioned, for soulful and contractual reasons. On the other hand, everyone’s destiny requires fearless living in order for it to come to be. You may wish to pause and take that in for a moment, it’s important.

As you build your fearless harbor, undoubtedly you will find yourself renouncing existing plans, former ambitions, and mentally planned goals. So be it! Let it be. This is not about you breaking agreements. It is about you honoring the agreement to wake up and stay up, being true to your higher Self, and claiming dominion over your sovereign Self. Open to the Will of Heaven and be patient. When you are not open to the Will of Heaven, you are open to the will of everything and everyone else. I don’t sense that’s a good option, do you?

For the sake of your destiny and out of love for humanity and this Planet’s transition please deeply consider the action necessary to be taken on your behalf. Take a breath, make a commitment to your God Self to let it live out loud fearlessly and make your mark in history as a fearless hero in a never before played out shift in consciousness.

Final words: let no fear, no one and no thing hold you hostage again. You are the Light. Now blast it out, so there is no mistake about it.

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