Solar Eclipse Thoughts

The first day of the rest of my life

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Solar Eclipse Thoughts – Guest Article
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Today is the first day of the rest of my life. But my heart is aching, I feel it terribly so.

Something in me is dying, and it is a good thing. It’s been my friend too, too long and it’s time to say good-bye. I struggled, I tried to please, I wore my pride like a bright striped red flag flowing from my sleeve. It was false, phony, and a way to get attention. A way to seek approval and love. The house had to be just so. The yard. My hair. When all I wanted was for people to say, “How nice!”

Approval, love, acceptance, it’s all we ever want, and is that so wrong? But where does the pride and the ego seep into the mix? When does it take over, slowly, bit by bit, unnoticed until we’ve created a monster to slay?

But it hurts. The disappointment, the loss of pride, the saying good-bye. Dreams, built on ego, the material and artificial facade of pretend. It’s all going away, fading into illusion.

We are Spirit. We are not our house, our accomplishments, our children graduating with honors. We’re not our expensive cars, handbags, nor even our social security numbers. We Are Spirit. Plain and simple, living in the world of matter.

I now go deep inside the pain, and feel it. My shoulder lunge forward to protect my heart. I take small sips of air, seeing it as Light.

I exhale, releasing, knowing my angels will assist in transmuting the energy of the dying ego. I take bigger and bigger breaths of life. I fill my lungs with love. I exhale, deeper and deeper, the pain, the hurt, the false pride.

We are created by God. We are part of the Infinite Oneness. We are loved as we are.

I breathe in the joy of living, and the freedom of being in the moment. I’m feeling better and better. The pain is dissolving, like a shadow, disappearing into the blackness of night.

I say good-bye to my ego. He had been by friend, and taught me well. I now chose to release all remnants of pain and ego that no longer serve my Highest Good. I breathe in love, for I am worthy. I breathe in Joy. I breathe in Happiness. I turn up the music and dance!

I am free.

I am Spirit.

I am.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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