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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Recommendation for Midwife Sue Hovemeyer, Huntington, WV

Admin Note: In case midwifery is a new term for you, a midwife typically provides prenatal care counsel for an expectant mother and additionally delivers the baby outside a hospital setting. Even if you are not searching for a midwife, you may enjoy reading the articles Sue has on her site, which cover topics including Eating for Two, Morning Sickness Relief tips, Nourishing herbs that help during pregnancy and tips for minimizing pregnancy discomfort.

Now, here’s the recommendation I received:

I highly recommend Sue Hovemeyer because she is a loving divine spiritual person. Her values are based on love and respect towards all.

She delivered 4 of my children at my home. I trust her because of her humble and loving spirit and her desire to care for life. She is a wonderful caring mother, friend and server of life. Her desire to help in a healthy, spiritual birthing process met my needs.

I met Sue in 1988. I was pregnant with my 4th child and was looking for a more spiritual, healthy way of having our gift from heaven. That’s when my prayers for a more spiritual birth was heard and I met Sue Hovemyer ..immediately our spirits connected. I was able to see with in a few minute into our conversation the divine holy place with shined through her loving smile and generous heart and gentle touch..her wisdom resonated with my heart

I trust Sue with all my heart because she listens to the Creators and is very connected to the spiritual realm, which one can plainly sense through her love for life. She has always walked a spiritual path…and is continuously serving others on the way. Sue is truly a caring, loving human being.

Recommendation submitted by
Victoria Baker

Sue Hovemeyer lives and works in Huntington, West Virginia. You may find more about her Christian background and her unique approach as a midwife. Sue’s email address is Yahwehblessyou at yahoo dot com
And her website is Sue’s Pregnancy Tips.

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