The Only One Talking

What if we’re only, always, talking to ourselves?
Another perspective on Mitakuye Oyasin

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I’m the only one talking

One of my dearest soul partners in this journey of Divine unfolding is a woman named Susan Grace. She expresses her Spirit through dance, through art and through eloquent speech. I’ve gleaned bits of wisdom from Susan a lot but maybe, I’m just gleaning them from me….

The other day I was talking with Susan about a difficult decision she was facing. She asked for my input and I gave it to her. A lot of her other friends did the same. The input was, understandably, a bit different from each person. When Susan and I talked again, after she made the decision, she shared that she had recognized that all the people giving input at her request were expressing different aspects of herself to her.

At first, I didn’t get that. Not really. Despite all my studies in Mitakuye Oyasin living, I still had this area of illusion of separation. The prayer, Mitakuye Oyasin, means “All My Relations” and points to the truth that we are all related.

Yesterday, I had an idea… a pondering. I wondered how my life would change if I listened to every single person who spoke with me, as an aspect of myself?

One thing I realized was that I’d pay more attention. Interesting, especially for a wellness counselor. A large part of my work has been listening deeply and intently to others….what if I’ve been listening to myself all this time and could have listened with all of me, instead of keeping one part separate as the wellness counselor?

If I knew it was some aspect of me expressing, I’d want to know what I was trying to say to myself.

I’ve been practicing this for a few days …. listening to myself through other people. It’s been a rich experience.

One thing I noticed was how quickly the universe would send an aspect that would speak out my fears, my doubts, my struggles. I also saw how quickly the universe would send messengers to support me when I shifted my thinking and was in a space of strength.

I know that intent establishes result in my reality so by inviting myself to speak, through each person that crosses my path, I’m enriching my experience of Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all related….we are all One.

I heard myself say that through Susan.

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