Bursitis Elbow Revisited

Bursitis Elbow Revisited

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Bursitis Patch Results Revisited

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Last year, I had a stubborn case of bursitis in my left elbow. I tried a lot of different things to remedy the situation and then stumbled on these bursitis patches.

They seemed to work but I got started on them so late that I wasn’t sure how much was just the natural healing cycle and how much to attribute to the patches.

This week, I began to have some swelling in that elbow again and used some of the patches I had left from a second pack I had gotten. Now, I can confidently report that using the patches at the beginning of the situation definitely shows more result faster. In two days, the swelling had gone down. This is the third day and the pain is almost gone from the elbow and swelling continues to decrease so I’ll go ahead and say that I believe these patches work for bursitis.

As I wrote in my previous posts, I do dampen the patches before applying. This is not in the instructions but it significantly increased the effect for me.

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