Protecting Yourself from Psychic Vampires

Protection from Psychic Vampires
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How do you protect yourself from people who drain your energy?

Question on Healing:
How do you protect yourself from psychic vampires?

Healing Facilitation Response:
I used to believe in psychic vampires. I do not believe in them anymore. I believe certain people abide at frequencies of resistance to self-evolvement that keep them needing the energy of those around them to feel alive.

When those people, whom some would call “psychic vampires” find a resonant frequency in another, they partner with that other person in a relationship that feeds both, though it feels as if one is being victimized and their energy drained.

Without agreement, made either in conscious on unconcsious awareness, in this lifetime or in any other you may have shared in the past, the psychic vampire is powerless.

How do we agree to go into partnership with psychic vampires? One way this arrangement is made is by our deciding to be a rescuer and imposing spiritual responsibility that is not necessary or helpful upon ourselves.

Another way psychic vampires may suckle from our pesonal energy field is when we have a belief system in place, telling us we are responsible for the wellfare of others, even if it means we must suffer and sacrifice. It’s that old self-sacrifice for the good of the other saw.

There is spiritual value in letting go of ego-based wants to participate in a higher directive and yet, this choice does not contain pain but joy.

Why do we believe we must provide energy for those who appear to have none?

Some of us unconsciously adapt a position as a savior of the world because we were the rescuer or savior in their own family unit. The oldest child will often step into this role, whereas the youngest may sometimes adapt a psychic vampire position. None of this is without soul agreement so there are no victims, just choices. Bringing those choices to conscious awareness is key to shifting.

Another way the drainers of energy partner with us is when we involve ourselves, on an ego level, with an expectation of results. If we feel that our guidance, wisdom, help or support will result in a transformative shift, and that doesn’t happen, we may be so attached to that happening that we keep feeding into the situation with our own personal energy.

It’s a sure bet that you are participating in some way, conscious or unconscious, or a psychic vampire frequency can have no effect on your field.

At various times in my life, I’ve held belief systems that said I must suffer for the good of another; I must sacrifice for the good of the other. It was a challenging journey toward understanding that what I was offering was not suffering or sacrifice but self-righteous taking on of what was not mine to carry.

The way that I learned to adjust my own frequency above the bandwidth of a psychic vampire was to open more and more to Godforce energy in my own field, settle down deeply into my own skin and path, and focus on daily work that would keep me grounded, centered, and available to Higher guidance more and more.

As my own field strengthened, the one who would seek to drain energy could not find resonance and so did not even enter my life unless they were at a point where they wished to stop living on the energy of others.

I do not consider myself to have mastered this, or any other, spiritual discipline. I still struggle with keeping my own frequency above the frequency of pity disguised as compassion, obligation disguised as service and shame disguised as responding to conscience.

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