Protecting Yourself from Negative Energies

Can we keep negative influences from bothering us?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Preventing Negative Energies in your Field

Question on Spiritual Protection:
How do you protect yourself from unwanted energies from entering and sticking?

Healing Facilitation Response:
This has been a particularly difficult challenge in my own life because I’m empathic. I feel what others feel and, because of my Human Design, I also amplify it. At any time that I become disconnected from Source through stress, worry, or physical illness, I become acutely vulnerable to receiving unwanted energies from the people around me.

As I keep repeating, as with the question on psychic vampires and the spiritual impact of administrative oppression, the very first thing I KNOW to do is turn my attention to my own field. However, I don’t always do what I KNOW, even though I know it is right action. Sometimes, I get emotionally involved with whatever is going on with the person I’m feeling (or the person who is projecting energy at me for some reason of their own, usually negative in these cases).

Other times, I involved at an ego level with what Don Juan the seer might call an inflated sense of self-importance. In other words, I either become annoyed, afraid, angry, resentful or depressed that this, whatever “this” is, is happening to me, as if there is something special about me that should keep such things from happening to me. The words “happening to me” indicate that I have fallen into victim consciousness as well, a sort of “why me?” mentality that is never helpful in restoring balance.

All these traps of consciousness sometimes keep me from doing what I KNOW to do, which is to strengthen my own field, evaluate what part of me is in resonance with what I am resisting, reconcile whatever needs to be healed in me to lift me out of the bandwidth of the frequency that is troubling me, and meet the incoming energy with a strong Spirit of love and spiritual surrender to what is, as something I am co-creating in the moment.

Once I come to my senses, I might take a long walk, take a salt bath or hot shower, smudge or do some other cleansing process to clear my auric field so that a stillpoint can be reached in me. When I say stillpoint, I mean a moment when struggle ceases and I am able to look at the situation calmly and clearly, which one can never do while in the grip of fear, or victim consciousness.

Then, if I’m wise and feeling up to it spiritually, I am able to actually benefit from the experience rather than just temporarily delaying the message of it. At those special times, I simply sit with what is. I allow whatever unwanted energy is still there to be there, and to teach me what I need to know about it.

Finally, and this is often the hardest part, I thank whomever has sent me this energy and assume a position of gratitude for the opportunity it opened for me, to learn more about myself and how to best keep myself centered and connected to source.

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