Protecting Yourself from Spiritual Misconduct of Others

The Misuse of Spiritual Energy by Others
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Is it Important to Act Against Spiritual Misuse of Energy by Those Around You?

Question on Spiritual Healing:
How do you protect / shield yourself from spiritual misconduct by others?

Healing Facilitation Response:
You might recognize a theme with this answer, after receiving the answer to the other three questions asked previously …..

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Yeah, that’s right, it all comes back to me, myself and I.

First thing I do when I notice I’m in judgment of something someone else is doing is to draw my attention back to myself and what that judgment might have triggered from my past or my current belief system.

Then, I work to release judgment and relax into noticing if my Spirit calls me to action at all, or if I am just to learn from what I’m observing around me.

I actually assume I’m judging in most situations like this, unless proven otherwise, because it is such a natural human tendency to leap from discernment to taking a position.

How do I know I’m usually judging to some degree?
Because there is a charge around what I’m feeling. An emotional charge, such as anger, fear or the need to fight, protect, stop something from happening, usually signals that something beyond spiritual discernment has occurred.

I am not inside the skin of the other person, nor have I lived the lives that person has lived. I cannot possibly know all about why they are doing what they are doing.

I have an example from my past that may illustrate my point.

I used to do psychic fairs. I was usually there as an intuitive healer although I occasionally worked as a psychic reader.

During one such fair, I had some free time and was watching another vibrational medicine healer work. He was working with a woman who had her eyes closed and I became aware, acutely so, that the woman was become upset. The healer was energetically stirring up emotional frequencies around sexual abuse, I assume for the purpose of clearing and healing.

In my view, from watching the woman’s energy, it appeared to me that he was going too far, not respecting her personal boundaries around the abuse, and traumatizing her in a public place.

These were all accurate spiritual discernments and, up to that point, I had not judged. When I made the leap to deciding that he was doing something very wrong and should be stopped, I leapt into judgment.

I continued to watch for a short time, debating whether to physically walk over and interrupt what I felt was a spiritually abusive situation. However, I did not quite have the nerve to do that.

I was new to the intuitive healing field and he was a very established healer so I went outside the room and sat down on a bench, trying to get clear spiritual guidance as to how I could help this poor woman.

To my utter surprise, the woman soon came out of the room and sat down next to me. She was staring in the manner of a person in shock and her whole energy field was also in shock. It was clear this was a woman in trauma. Again, I wondered what my role should be. I decided to just sit with her.

She expressed, finally, that she felt violated. And she also said something to the effect that she couldn’t believe she had let it happen again. I became aware that she felt very victimized and weak and that it felt, to her, as if she has allowed a male energy to violate her spiritually, and that violation felt just like the earlier physical violation of abuse.

As we sat there, I started to speak several times. I don’t think I ever did though.

Over time, not sure how much time passed, reality soaked into me on a cellular level.

I realized that she had walked the length of that large hall several times, stopping at various healer’s booths including mine, before going to this one male healer. I remembered how carefully she surveyed the room and it’s offerings before making her choice.

In a blast of spiritual clarity, I saw that her soul had chosen that particular healer specifically because he would not respect her boundaries and he would, very successfully, support her belief that men violated women.

I saw that she could not have chosen a different practitioner in her current mindset. It was the perfect partnership.

Did that mean the healer in question acted impeccably? Did it mean he didn’t need to look at whatever had caused him to breach personal boundaries? No. My original spiritual discernment was still in tact. He was a wounded healer. He drew a wounded person seeking healing. Together, they took a journey that gave each the opportunity to grow.

The moral of the story for me was that I should not, in the least, concern myself over what I might perceive to be spiritual misconduct by others. Each dance partner chosen will be perfect for that particular dance.

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