The Joyful Spirit Dance of Susan

Eating, Loving and Praying with Susan

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Susan Grace, Dancing Around the World

Susan Grace is my closest soul-partner in the path of the past few years. She and I have experienced transformation that cannot be spoken of with any degree of articulation. It is with great joy that I share Susan’s current journey, for those who might be called to a similar one. She noted that her journey, without consciously planning it that way, had similarities to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Love, Pray journey: While Elizabeth’s main journey was through Itally, India and Indonesia, Susan’s take her through, among other places France, Italy and India.

We join Susan’s dance around the world after she has left France and entered Italy. She promises me more “flavorful” entries later on but I think this one is just as juicy as can be. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

Content below, copyright Susan Grace, all rights reserved. (it would make a great book someday, hint, hint.)

Hello Loved Ones,

I have a few minutes on line – the three of us are sharing the computer in between moments of life so not much time but will jot what I can.

Landed in Italy 2 days ago at Damanhur. Very interesting alternative community.

We were in Switzerland prior to that with Amir (some Ashlanders will know him – watsu??). He was teaching and organizing a watsu sacred dance class while we were there and it is the most advanced class he offers. He offered to let us be models for his students! Oh my Grace! It was fantastic and they even took us underwater for periods of time which was my first experience at that.

There we were nestled in the Swiss Alps, by a giant lake, in beautiful surroundings receiving healing work. Life is good!

We drove across the Swiss Alps into the Italian side (stopping to hike right on the border – literally hiking the line which was occasionally painted on rocks and cliffs as we were climbing). Gorgeous up there. There was an Andy Goldsworthy like sculpture at the top of this mountain – we took pics on it – will send later.

We are in a workstudy program at Damanhur – we work 4 hours a day at our nucleo (family house) 5 days a week in exchange for lodging and meals. All of the homes here are lovely and the community lives in 20 nearby locations to the center of the community and about 20 people live in each house. The houses are expanded as needed – all are quite large estates. Our job is helping to restore a labyrinth. Fun and easy work.

They are having their summer festival the next three days so we are attending little workshops and classes. The founding philosophy here is based on Atlantis. For me it is great fun. I’m finding lots of ways to dance through the day and night and meeting people from all over the world. As we dance, even if in the street or driveway, we are getting invited to other countries. Yipppeeee.

The food here is quite rich. Lunch today was all white. Pasta with cheese sauce, brie, white bread, steamed cauliflower, white rice. What a hoot. My body was starving for color and something alive. I finally found some apricot jam to put on the bread! (we have buffet meals at our homeplace – the classes are at the center)

We toured the underground temples. What a work of art and purpose. They are very sacred and special – and fun with lots of secret doors and tunnels – Indiana Jones stuff. You can see some of it on the website as noted above.

Today in one of our workshops, a biologist took us outside to contact the Green World – Nature. He invented a synchronizer that had two connections and was amplified. One connect was clipped to a leaf of a tree and the other to a nail in the ground near its root. It was then through this machine and amplified It played the music of the tree! PHENOMENAL. Very Steve Halpern – ish, but better. He said they “teach” the tree how to do this and they can now invite several trees to be different instruments to create a symphonic performance. They sell the cd’s and maybe if anyone’s interested you could get them from the website.

Weather is wonderful with cool nights and warm (upper 70’s low 80’s) days. Our house is way up on a hill so we have a panoramic view of the entire area. Majestic. Olivier has quickly adapted to Italian race car driving up the hill which is one lane with blind hairpin curves through which he gentlemanly honks the horn to protect our lives as he speeds up them. Oh my Grace.

We have been blessed every step of the way and I truly expect that to continue.

I have feelings of missing all of you…and I do not miss the States. I experience a peace in the earth here that calms my being and feeds my soul. I’m sure it’s partly because I’ve been in great community homes, but also it’s been all along the drive and even in France. Aahhhhhhhh.

Hugs and kisses to everyone.

Dancing around the world,
Susan Grace
Center for Creating Joy

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