Spiritual Misconduct Followup

Handling Spiritual Impropriety – Follow up

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Follow up comment and response on spiritual misconduct question

The follow up below is from a question asked about how I deal with spiritual misconduct of others around me. It will be important to read the original post before reading this follow up, to understand what is being said…..here’s that post link:

How I address spiritual impropriety around me

Response back from the person who asked the question:

I do not believe that a wounded soul should be left to suffer if they are seeking healing. If a woman has been exploited and her concious / unconscious mindset has brought her to a place of healing, she is seeking healing. People will naturally gravitate towards their self-fulfilling patterns, like a record in a groove – that deepens each time the round is played. That means the wound deepens each time the story is repeated. This can do irreperable harm. The fact is, that fate would have it that you were also in the room. So help was at hand. She must have wanted that and it could have been her steps towards healing the damage done.

Perhaps your walking out of the room signified that in her experience of shock, her soul left her body. Perhaps she needs to heal by re-integrating that which became dis-integrated. Perhaps that is why she needs to get comfortable under her own skin again, so that she may heal…which will enable her to start growing again.

Perhaps the woman was aware of her experience of exploitation & walked around to see who would be strong enough to help her. Perhaps she kept herself open in trust – so as not to become closed to life and, in her awareness, allow a bad experience to play out differently & to choose a healer so that a healthy pattern may come in its place. Perhaps he was the strongest she found from the choice there – as an experienced healer.

Healers are precicely about healing wounds – otherwise they would not be healers. They are given conscious awareness to recognise such things & act upon them, if there is an opening for it. Perhaps the girl was sooo damaged by the repeated experience that other healers were not strong enough to help her change it or were simply not open to her. It sounds like this fellow was not spiritually strong enough to help her and just got sucked into the pattern as a player as well. Perhaps the fact that the people who were all in the situation, all had something to heal around the subject and instead of healing it, they all played it out….again!

How long will this womans’ wounds be allowed to grow…until there is noone spiritually strong enough around to help?

Perhaps in this girls case, her father abused her, her mother saw it & let it happen – perhaps she was in denial or didn’t know what she could do about it. In this way, it actually makes the mother a part of the crime as well. The girl was probably too young to know how to respond / stop it – in shock, unable to speak.

I believe that as an aware person & healer, things are revealed to us that we have a connection with to heal / change…..to bring about balance & harmony.

What do you think/feel?

My response to the follow-up comment:
I understand your reactions, having had most of them during the course of the experience myself. I agree a wounded soul ready to heal would not be left to suffer. I also agree that it appears as if this woman was ready to heal, as evidenced by her being at the event.

I will remind you that I saw her carefully choose this person, walking past my booth and all the booths of the other healers present there. We do, as you said, naturally gravitate toward our self-fulfilling patterns until something within us is strong enough to break the pattern.

Yes, you are correct that I was there and could have participated in a different way.

I was acutely in the room with her and acutely on the bench with her later. I was very present, very aware, and very open to spiritual guidance thorughout. If I had felt the slightest invitation from this woman, on a conscious or unconscious level, to receive balance around what had happened, I stood ready to serve in that way.

The way I was being asked to serve was infinitely harder. I was being asked to let this being, this precious being of Light beside me, determine the pace of her own healing. I was being asked to let her hang on to her woundedness a little longer.

The frequency and energy around her were not of the bandwidth of wanting to heal. The frequency was that of wanting to stay in a familiar, safe zone of mistrust and fear. We protect our wounds until we feel safe enough to look clearly at them and begin the healing process at a cellular level. This beautiful being, for reasons only her soul knows, was not ready for that kind of healing. Though her present was miserable, it was a misery she was familiar with and one that she felt she could understand.

I strongly disagree that “healers are about healing wounds”. A healer…well, even the word is not the word I use any more….a healing facilitator helps the person who is ready to heal, to heal themselves. For me, healing facilitation is about illuminating wounds for those ready to see the nature of them and providing energetic support for people ready to then do their own work around belief systems, mindsets, cellular memories and emotional fixations.

Any other arrangement, in my experience, is co-dependent with temporary results.

I can understand your perception that the healer in question just got “sucked into the pattern as a player as well” from what was written about the experience.

Being an active and conscious participant, I do not believe this was the case. Even if it was the case, it still was an agreed-upon soul-level partnership between the two, offering tremendous opportunity for growth and healing to both of them.

I do agree that we all had something to heal. I believe it is always the case. In fact, I see every person in that experience as an aspect of me because I believe we are all related so I reviewed my own lessons quite closely.

One thing it brough up for me was this idea that I had to save the world. Not only is it not my job but I’ve learned that my “saving someone” may be taking away the very challenge their soul created for them, an exquisitely designed challenge created to bring them to the very edge of their fear, unexpressed rage or feelings of helplessness, and my “saving them” may not be salvation at all but a selfish act that creates co-dependency and no healing.

As an abuse victim myself, it was also like watching movies from my past, of times that I, myself came up against belief systems that were painful to hold on to and painful to let go of at the same time. However, at the time this happened, I had done a great deal of work to heal a lot of my own abuse issues yet had not healed this savior mentality that still had me sticking my nose in where it didn’t really belong. I was grateful for this event on many, many levels, as difficult as it was to walk through.

I don’t recall the details I saw in her field about the abuse. I did not start out watching that, because that’s very private. I was more interested in the healer’s technique and, as a result of watching him work, became aware of what was being stirred up in her field. It could well have been the scenario you envisioned.

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