Shocking Presidential Campaign Discovery

Virtual Unknown Nabs Millions of Votes from Strangers

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Talk about your political underdogs!

This is astonishing and i had no idea at all about this til today:

the unknown who may be president

Could a virtual unknown become president of the United States?

I guess we will see come election day.

This may change life as I know it, not to mention the changes our country will face.

I foresee alternative currency replacing paper and metal money, a ban on all non-green building, huge funding for alternative medicine therapies research, federally
mandated clean up of waste by-products and much more.

Update: Well, clearly, the unknown did not get elected back in 2008. I have chosen not to run again in 2010 because, frankly, I’d rather pray and play.

I’ve come to know that these two activities are powerful catalysts for change and transformation.

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