Give a Living Rose

Has someone changed your life for the better?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Give a Living Rose of Gratitude

Update: They made a tv show called Give a Living Rose and at the time I was sent this info by my friend, Monya Clayborn, they were asking for stories from people who wanted to thank someone who had made a positive difference in their life. Since then, the website does not load and I’m assuming the show is over now. I did find one video on youtube taking about the show. Who knows? Maybe it will come back round again.

About Giving a Living Rose

I met Monya Clayborn while filming her pilot called “Hopeful Times”. It’s an idea to create a tv show that focuses on being of service and I loved the idea. So far, only a trailer
has been filmed but I have high hopes of seeing Hopeful Times on tv at some point in the future. Monya is a woman who is driven by a vision of making positive change in the world. And she has a new show out that I just love.

I wanted to share it with you here.

It’s called Give a Living Rose and it is hosted by Kelly Lang. You can see excerpts of Kelly’s own thank you to T.G. Shepherd.

The concept is this: People whose lives have been changed in a major, positive way by the kindness, guidance or inspiration of another share their stories and give a meaningful gift back to the person who helped them. It’s such a wonderful idea.

Do you know someone who has changed your life is some notable, positive way? Would you like to say thanks and pay tribute to that special person who graced your life path?

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