The Big Bang Machine

The Big Bang Machine Has Been Started

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Potential and Implications of the Haldron Collider Experiment

Update, 2018: In April of 2018, The Haldron Collider once again began injecting protons and colliding them inside the biggest machine ever built. CERN 2018 physics experiments. Nations could be fed, waterways could be purified, national road systems could be repaired, bleeding school systems could be supported and a myriad of planet-saving initiatives could be funded but, instead, unthinkable amounts of money have gone to financing this scientists’ wet dream.

….. January 20, 2010 – Earthquake in Haiti, Totally bizarre winter weather, connected?

….. Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster, Sinkhole in Quatamala, Nashville, TN floods, Earthquakes in China, Chile, San Bernardino …. connected?

I only heard about the Haldron Collider, also called The Big Bang Machine, two days ago. How is that possible?

How does an experiment that some say could destroy the earth or give science the secrets to creation get within days of executing and it’s not front page news on every newspaper in the world for months in advance?

In layman’s terms, what’s going on underground in Geneva, Switzerland is this:

A 17-mile tunnel built underground and housing what has been called man’s biggest machine, the Haldron Collider, is the setting for the most ambitious scientific experiment ever conducted.

By sending protons flying through this underground tunnel at close to the speed of light, and then sending more particles flying in the opposite direction toward the first particles sent out, scientists are setting the stage for a massive collision which they hope will reveal the beginning of life, based on the theory of the Big Bang.

On September 9, at 9:30 am local time, the Haldron Collider was started and a process that might change the world entirely began. Despite lawsuits filed by those who believe the collision this experiment will create might also create a black hole that swallows the earth, the first part of this experiment was set in motion.

I read more on this haldron collider experiment this morning. The second beam of protons have also now been released into the collider, going in the opposite direction from the ones released at 9:30 and the collision, if all goes as planned, is now inevitable.

The “big bang” won’t occur til they also send particles flying toward each other collide. The collision is estimated to happen sometime in the next few weeks.

My first reaction was fear….fear of dying a horrible death; fear of not being able to tell the people I love that I loved them, one more time; fear of feeling as if my life was not completed or that I might regret not having done more with it. That wave of fear subsided quickly and was followed by a feeling I never expected…..

It was an odd sense of excitement and relief. As I pondered whether life on earth might be over the next day, I realized I’d be ok with that and that it might open new worlds and experiences far beyond what we, as a cosmic family, have created on earth.

I’ve shifted again since then, to pondering how I could connect with this event in a positive way. I am visioning what it’s like to access the transformative power and energy in that collision to transform and rebirth my life.

What’s it like to start fresh as a totally new being, making different and positive choices from that moment of creation?

No doubt, this succession of feelings and shifts has a lot to do with my recent exposure to a set of transformation tools called Matrix Energetics. I’ll be sharing more about that as time goes by…..if blogs and such still are the means of communication in a couple of weeks…after the recreated Big Bang.

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