Charlie Gibson’s Nasty Side

What possessed Charlie Gibson tonight?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Sarah Palin and Charlie Gibson Interview

I’ve seen Charlie Gibson interview a LOT of political candidates. A LOT. I always liked him, until tonight. Until tonight, I never saw him letting his personal bias display.

Tonight, I was astounded at his lack of professionalism as he all but dismissed every word out of Sarah Palin’s mouth. His entire posture, tone, facial expression and demeanor screamed how much he felt this woman was entirely and completely unable to fill the position she had chosen to accept.

He barely let her finish any sentence before, in an unchanged expression of what appeared to truly be some kind of disgust, barreling into the next one. I doubt he really heard a word she said.

Don’t get me wrong ….. I darn sure want somebody to ask her some very, very tough questions. I’m not at all convinced Sarah Palin has what it takes to be Vice President and, as Charlie pointed out, to become President in the event anything happen to McCain (and if they get elected, of course)

It wasn’t the questions. I would have expected those types of questions from anyone else. Well, all of them except asking Sarah Palin if she thought she could be a parent and a president at the same time.

It was an uncharacteristic, unprofessional and very personal bleed-through of opinion from a man I’ve come to respect very much as being tough but impartial, so that America could make their own conclusions based on what they heard from both sides.

I lost some of that respect tonight, Charlie.

2 thoughts on “Charlie Gibson’s Nasty Side

  1. <p>Ted:</p>
    <p>I guess the blogs will be full of opinions about how well or not well Sarah Palin handled this first tough interview. It is rather uncharacteristic of me to even comment on political matters and, truthfully, it wasn’t even about politics for me. </p>
    <p>People will always have a wide range of opinions on that subject.</p>
    <p>What got me was the blatant disrespectful attitude. It just wasn’t professional journalism and I’d have felt the same way if it had been a man sitting there. </p>
    <p>Thanks for your comment. I’m sure there will be more and I just ask everyone to kind of keep in mind that the subject of my post was not a political one. </p>
    <p>It was about professional journalism and what the means to me, rather than any kind of debate over republicans vs democrats, men vs women, etc. </p>
    <p>I won’t post off-subject political messages. Just ain’t my thing.</p>

    ps. I realize I made a political statement too by saying I wasn’t sure Sarah could handle the job. I wasn’t saying she could or couldn’t. That is what I mean about making personal political statements. My point was that someone does need to ask the tough questions of ANY candidate wishing to serve our country in such a high position.

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