Charlie Gibson’s Cautious Side

Charlie Gibson in Check Tonight

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

My second experience with the Sarah Palin / Charlie Gibson interviews

I happened to see Charlie Gibson’s face on the tube again last night, and turned the channel. After having seen what felt like an uncharacteristically nasty side to Mr. Gibson on the first part of his interview with Sarah Palin, I didn’t feel like watching him.

Then, I decided to turn back and see if he felt any different in this second part of the interview. He was decidedly different. His vocal tone was notably soft and he actually displayed a small smile here and there. He also seemed to be acutely conscious of the loaded nature of his questions about a mother of 7 being able to also be vice-president or president.

He asked if it was sexist to suggest that Sarah Palin could not do both. I liked her answer….I don’t know. I’ll answer. Yes. Charlie Gibson, yes, it was sexist.

He did not add “because you are a woman” however implied the addition. It was obviously a question that a father with seven children would never have been asked so Charlie had enough sense not to ask her either. I can’t ever remember a father being asked if he felt he could handle the responsibilities of being a father and run the country.

This campaign may prove to add a great deal to the educating of America. Equality is a good dream. I am in support of any dialogue that helps further that reality.

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