Spiritual Implications of Financial Shifting

All Structures are Unstable

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Is the United States Going Down or Are We Releasing Planetary Illusion?

Update, 2018: We are now in the land of Trump. I’m reminded of the importance of hope and faith. We, the people, are clearly being shown the original message of this post. All structures are unstable. The political structure that many of us trusted to deliver the message of the people with regard to who the majority wanted in office has failed. There is a promise in the deconstruction of trust in structure that has been mirrored in a very complex way here.

Original Post:
I have had conversations with two spiritually-minded friends in the past few days. We talked about what everyone is talking about …. the current financial situation, the election and all that is going on in America right now.

Both friends expressed how challenging it was to stay out of the fear mindset that is being flamed by the press, the presidents and the presidents elect. I have had challenges too, believe me, and I also see a perspective that sustains me as a spiritual being. It’s a perspective that isn’t being talked about much yet.

I found myself saying to one of these friends that these are the times spiritual souls have been working toward. Many have prophesied of a time when Divinity could fully embody form. We’re there. We are doing it. Naturally, when Spirit fully embodies form, the illusion of any crystallized reality will fall away. Money is a crystallized illusion of reality. It has no real meaning.

We can’t expect to release that illusion and have the structure that supported it remain the way it was. The apparent collapse of financial institutions is something I prefer to think of as a rearranging of states of information into more true and beautiful states.

In reading Tolle’s “Stillness Speaks” he tells of walking with a friend and coming up on a building that is old and falling down.

There is a sign there that reads “Warning. All structures are unstable”.

Tolle recognized this statement as profound and so do I. We love our structures, we humans, our constructs that makes us feel in control and on top of things. One of our finest constructions yet is in the process of reconfiguring. Money and home are more than buildings and paper.

Perhaps, he only way to realize the truth of the balanced exchange of value (money) and a feeling of belonging and of having found our right place in the world (home) is if the unstable structure that we have been using to define those things collapses and reconfigures into something new.

I believe we are releasing the illusions right now. I believe the United States may well be united right now in one of the most significant and courageous transformation journeys ever attempted by a group of people. All structure are unstable and many are in the process of crumbling right now. How we rebuild is up to all of us.

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