Listening with your Heart

Approaching Apparent Crisis with Spiritual Strength
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A Meditation on The Highest and Most Aware Response to World Events:

Recently, I attended a spiritual gathering at one of my favorite places to attend consciousness and spirituality events. It’s in Mentone Alabama and, at the time, many gatherings were held at Heartwood Sanctuary. These days the stewards of the land, Cathy and Ted, travel a bit and so they do still rent out the rv there within the beautiful woods but gatherings are less frequent. Retreat in the Woods

We gathered to for a time of meditation on and discussion about the highest and most aware response that spiritual beings could give to the current financial situation in our country, as well as just the general state of the earth in these tumultuous times. We circled to pray and send out energetic support aligned with Godself intention.

I was blessed to be in the circle of those who unabashedly insist in staying in the vibration of good, and light, and positive action and trust and faith. The situations we face as a nation and as a planet will be best resolved when we keep centered, aware of the power of spiritual community and prayer, and connected to what is bigger than fear.

Here is part of what Cathy (the co-steward of the Sacred Land at Heartwood) sent out in an email after the meditation. I so resonate with Cathy’s sentiments….

I, like many people I have talked to recently, have been on an emotional roller coaster with the world’s events. Sometimes I have found myself yelling at the television, other times I am engulfed by a deep peace and a knowing. On Saturday I felt called to ask people to come to a special Sunday service at Heartwood. I felt the need to listen to others and to collectively draw on our wisdom with each other.

Our time together was very helpful for me and was once again a reminder of what I feel is at the essence of what we do at Heartwood. Here each one’s wisdom and expression of spirit is valued and honored. It is held that our view of God and Spirit is enhanced when we can share together in an environment of emotional safety and heart listening.

I would like to share with you some of the collective wisdom that came from our time together. These are words and feelings that have helped me in this amazing time that we are in. This is the collective wisdom and expression of Susan, Jim, Kelly, Joshua, Cathy, Ted, Robert, Rand, Rita, Neva and Magnolia:

Acknowledge your fears so you can transform them.
Remember the truth of who you truly are.
Every moment is perfect.
The old is falling away. The new will emerge.
Allow there to be limitless possibilities in your thinking.
It is what it is and it really does not matter.
Walk with deep trust.
Find what you need to bring you back to center: laughter, breath, walking, dancing.
Listen to others with your heart.
Allow for the possibility for others to show up differently than what you expected.
All that you have control over is your own thoughts, feelings and reactions.
Labels and demeaning thoughts and language create judgment and separation, which is returned to you.
We are all connected.
Ask for guidance and clarity from your Source.
These are amazing and exciting times. It is here.
Be in the Now.

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