Dancing Around Europe Pictures

Susan and Olivier Dancing Across Europe

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Delicious Photo Album of a Friend’s Travel Adventure

I have posted a couple of travel reports from my friend Susan already:

dancing around the world
sunflower rapture

I’m joyously gratified to be able to add picture albums from Susan and Olivier as they dance their way across France, Switzerland, Germany and more. These pictures are so delicious that they are like being there.

Thank you Susan for going through the challenging learning curve of dealing with computers and such, long enough to get these uploaded and available online.

So I present…..Susan and Olivier dancing across the world:

Update: Olivier and Susan have parted ways and now occupy different areas on the world map. I am sad that the magnificent photos they amassed are no longer available on picasaweb but I do understand the release of story that may have occurred for them both. I certainly don’t speak for either one of them but will just say that their pictures of adventure around Germany, France, Strasbourg, St. Maurice, driving and camping and dancing, moments captured of when Susan and Olivier danced, the video where Neva can’t hear Susan (this one may be my favorite because Olivier snapped pictures in sequence during one of the most funny and joy-filled exchanges online between Susan and myself.

Also gone, or at least not available where they were, are videos of Susan and Olivier dancing at Damanhur, an intentional community in Italy with some exquisite qualities and some … in my sensing .. not so exquisite.

This adventuresome couple was heading for India with the last update and that was quite the adventure, I can tell you. I was regaled with stories of the Monsoon and of clothing molding on the line before it could dry. I envisioned a world where people used the bathroom wherever they had the urge. It was quite a vicarious adventure for me and likely to be the closest I will come to visiting India. The pictures are gone and with them, I release the stories. I know life moves on. I wish them both well.

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