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Creating a New Paradigm with Performance Art

Update, 2018: Of course, Eli Stone isn’t on anymore but it was such a shining example of the good that could come from television and movies that I’m leaving this information up. Who knows? Maybe the networks will revive it. I hope so.

I have a passion for acting. I’ve been an actor professionally since around 1988 and I think I’ve had the acting bug since birth. I even give away a free acting class online to get the word out about the transformative power of spiritual cinema.

I remember sitting in the audience at my very first play. As I watched the two actors on stage, I realized that I was willing to suspend disbelief for one of them but not the other. This started a journey for me as I began to ask myself what was different. Why did I believe the man but not the woman?

I discovered it had to do with the way they used their bodies and voices. One sprang from a real place and the other was manufactured to represent a real place inside. Big difference.

Anyway, my fascination with acting led to my studying the craft in college, New York and Los Angeles. I taught acting too, for a time, and loved that. I still have a little free acting class on my website.

What really stimulated my soul about acting was it’s capacity to shine light on different perspectives and teach without teaching.

Eli Stone is a shining light for the new reality that is coming. When Eli’s world changed, that change began to affect everyone around him. As each person around him began to shift, the reality all of them lived in and were comfortable with also shifted.

I love the way the script highlights the challenges of truly transforming the way any established structure performs. In this case, the setting is a prestigous law firm. Like dominos falling, one by one, each person in the firm shifts under the weight of Eli’s passionate struggle / embrace with his new reality. The way this firm operates is being transformed, for the better though not without chaos and confusion. The change starts with Eli who has the grace to allow being tossed and turned on the waves of his own transformation and, then, it ripples out from him to others around him.

Eli Stone this week was extraordinary, just simply prophetic of what could be America’s future, a sweet though not uncomplicated path toward recovering what this country was founded on and beyond it…..not the pursuit of happiness but the reality of it.

If you haven’t caught Eli Stone yet, it’s something worth watching and energetically supporting. I want to write more about the show this week too. For now, I’ll just say I whole-heartedly recommend this show!

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