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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Shortcut to Discovering What is Important to You

The other day I was talking to my dear soul sister Susan Grace about the struggle I have been experiencing with a shift I feel coming in my life. I know that I’m through with my life lessons, work and experience where I now live. I have placed my home up for sale and have felt that I’m ready to go.

I found myself quite overwhelmed with the prospect of my monthly mortgage, the collective mindset about what is real in the real estate market right now, and the prospect of how to best dispose of all my accumulated “stuff”.

By stuff, I mean furniture, clothes, bedding, collectibles, books, cookware, stuff, stuff, stuff.

I told Susan that I just felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that was before me, in clearing out the stuff and also in aligning with the right person for selling my house, before I could leave.

I shared that I just wanted to get in the car and go but what about the mortgage payment….what about all the stuff? what about money?

Susan suggested I get out my suitcases, go through the house and pick out what was important for me to take when I leave. Immediately, I felt like crying as I realized (in one of those blinding flashes of clarity) that there was very little I’d pack. What a freeing moment. There’s very little here I’d need to take.

I then realized that my struggle had been leaving all this stuff and not getting the monetary value from it. If I left right now, I’d be leaving without the money these things represent. That was really where the importance of most of the stuff, including the actually house, lay.

While I still must play my way through this illusion of lack, I am free of the other illusion….that I need a lot of stuff. Discovering how little of what I have amassed is actually important to me was very freeing. Thanks Susan.

If you are feeling the need to move or change your life in some major way and you are feeling overwhelmed by the stuff of your life, try getting out your suitcases and going through your house, packing only what is important. You may find what is important to be a small amount of what you actually possess. It may be less than you imagine.

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