Eli Stone Review

Review of Eli Stone
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Update, 2018: Dark Side Shows (vampires and zombie variations, mostly) and Faith-Based Christian Films have all but replaced the spiritual cinema I wrote about on this original post. I miss Eli Stone.

Original Post:
I watched Eli Stone last week. Have you seen this show? Eli is a lawyer who gets visions, supposedly due to a brain aneurysm, and these visions guide him on which cases to take. The cases he is guided to take are usually not the type that make money for the firm which begins to be a problem. Previous post on Eli Stone

Eli gets guidance as he goes along, often step to step and without seeing the end result or why he is being asked to do certain things. Many times it looks as if he has failed. Eli Stone so touchingly humanand so clearly illuminates the challenge of living by faith. It was a touch of genius that his first vision was George Michael singing, what else, you gotta have faith, faith, faith…..baby.

Last week Eli was defending the owner of his law firm, Jordan Wethersby. Eli’s shift from taking cases that made the firm money to taking cases that made a difference in someone’s life stimulated the owner of the firm to remember why he’d become a lawyer in the first place. He wanted to help others and make a difference in the world.

Jordan decides that he wants to take the firm back to what it was meant to be – a place where law was used to help those in need. This doesn’t sit well with his partners at the firm so they sue him. Eli was preparing Jordan’s defense when he got a vision that he should step down from the case. Jordan was extremely angry with Eli’s decision, feeling betrayed.

Then, Eli was shown a case defending a little girl with lead paint poisoning. No one had ever won a case for lead paint because most old buildings had layers of it and from different pain manufacturers. No way to prove which one the child may have ingested.

Eli Stone wanted to help the little girl but more than that, he wanted to sue all the paint companies so that it would set a precedent and would help more people.

The paint companies made an offer that the poor family he was representing could not refuse but, in return, eli had to promised he’d never come after any of the companies again. Eli felt he had failed even though he won a lot of money for the one little girl’s family to pay her hospitial bills.

Of course lead paint poisoning is a very real threat and cases against the paint companies are many. Restitution for those affected by toxic paint is a very real and ongoing battle in the real world, not just on tv. Read more about lead paint pigmentation litigation

ps. There are nontoxic paint options. Just because lead paint has been banned, that doesn’t mean the paint you are using in the nursery is safe. Look for low-voc paints and, if they are not available in your area, ask for them.

Then, at the end of the show, he has one of his visions and sees his junior assistant, Maggie, at the supreme court, bringing an action against all the companies, just like he wanted to do. He realized that his having won the first case, in some way, opens the door of the future in a way that Maggie can step in later and win the bigger case.

I’ll close with wisdom from the Michael George classic … you got to have faith, faith, faith, baby. Eli Stone Cast and Crew, Clips, etc.

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