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Letting Go of the Old
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Wisdom from a Friend

I’ve been posting feedback on my quest to shift my life into a way of freedom of service and relaxing into a new paradigm that is not built around money, things, future goals or visions.

I’ve been asking everyone I know what they would do if they were me.

earlier responses:
Sai Maa

This response came from my friend Susan, who is in India now. I’ve posted several stories that Susan has shared of her adventures:

a joyful dance
camping in monaco
dancing around europe

Susan says…..

What I can offer is this: What is truth that is here for all of us – the next level of our evolution is at hand and we seem to be demanded of to let go of the old – a seeming threat of loss to the being, but a victory to the soul.

Me again…

Yes, I can feel that. And I can see how large the letting go must be for most of us. “The old” is just about everything in the current structure, isn’t it?

Letting go is about going back to formless freedom in our path.

Letting go is about letting the form of our life take place from a space of surrender and unknowing, as opposed to the practice of creating form from the mind, the past, or the ego. Living in such a self-generated form is very limiting and yet can be so comforting to the ego self.

I’m thinking of that Haldron Collider just now. Not sure why….

What those scientists wanted to do was set protons in motion, in opposite directions, and see what happened when they collided. What happened when they did that was that the entire mechanism froze up. There’s a message there about what the world is going through right now. Maybe I’ll post on that later.

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