Wisdom of a Peace Pilgrim

Ask and Ye Shall Receive – The Power of Three

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Wisdom from a Peace Pilgrim

If I hear a similar answer 3 times in quick succession, I know I’m being firmly spoken with by Universal Life Force Energy. I’ve been asking everyone I respect what they would do in my situation. I’m getting echoes of the same response from just about everyone.

Sai Maa
My sister

And now, from a Peace Pilgrim named Scaughdt. That’s a pretty strong affirmation. The power of three. I’m sharing this advice from Schaughdt, a light-filled man I met recently at a gathering at what was then the Heartwood Sanctuary. Cathy and Ted travel alot now but do still rent out a glamping rv on the beautiful property Retreat in the Woods.

Scaughdt is a Peace Pilgrim, someone who walks from place to place offering themselves in selfless service. Although the path of a Peace Pilgrim doesn’t feel like my path, the wisdom of this lovingly compassionate man shines into my life now.

Scaughdt says…..

At the risk of sounding “trite” (overly cryptic), Love is always the only solution to any difficulty … More specifically (though I have absolutely no idea how you can/should/will resolve this issue), the only way out of personal dis-ease is a conscious refocusing on the welfare of others …

I warn you though, connecting with this man may mean you feel the peace pilgrim around. I literally feel Scaughdt’s feet overlay my own at times. As I walk outside my home, on days when the chicken house smell is not present, I sometimes look down at my own feet and see a different terrain under them and different feet walking. I love it … the experience may not be for everyone.

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