Wisdom of my Sister

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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Wisdom from my Sister

I got an email from my sister this morning. She had asked if I was ok and I wrote back that actually, no, I wasn’t. Below is what she wrote me….

“An idea came to me and I don’t know if it was sent by God or not but here it is. Have you considered taking a path like maybe the peace corps or some charity organization in which you basically give up all of that and leave it behind for a life of service? Might be my own desires coming through since that is what I would do if I were able to and still may in my later years.Just wondered if you had considered it…. there are monastaries and I think a farm of some kind in California where you can go and work and live without money??? might want to explore it anyway. I love you and know you will find the right path.”

Me again…. What my sister didn’t know, had no way to know, was that I had just started working on my peace corps application last night. Also, I’ve been scouring the internet for a year, looking for a spiritual community that spoke to my soul.

I even wrote Oprah about my seeking of the right path for me. She was looking for people who felt lost or disconnected in some way. I’m trying every available avenue that might lead me toward the home my soul is seeking here.

Like many who are spiritually focused and awake, I have often felt as if I came to earth by mistake. I feel lost sometimes, set adrift in a structure I don’t understand. Also, I get lost in it myself. The struggles, the focus on money and the illusion of security. Even that goal and vision construct we are so very attached to in this country.

I have, at various times, found myself becoming so focused on this future goal or that vision of what could be that I forget the priceless and only moment I have is right now. For everything else, there may be Mastercard but the Now cannot be bought. It can only be experienced….Now.

ps. My sister also sent a link to a clip from a meditation on ending suffering from Thich Naht Hanh. There is an obvious frequency in this man’s voice that starts to soften the edges of pain and confusion. Here’s the link to the clip: Ending Suffering Meditation

I still don’t know if the right path is a spiritual illusion or something I may actually find. I just know I keep looking….

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