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Leaves and Shoots and Pandas, Oh My

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Tut, Tut, Mike Dooley

I’m on word play overload from this email I got from Mike Dooley over at Tut

The joke is on me I’m sure because I actually tried to figure it out and that could be a metaphor for how I’ve been approaching the challenges I face right now. Trying to figure things out just isn’t helpful, most of the time. Better to eat shoots and leaves…you’ll see what I mean.

By the way, I love the Tut messages. They are free, short, and usually very easy to understand. Today….well, I made it hard on myself, ha.

If the following variables existed in a mathematical equation:
X = The end result in mind
Y = Manifestation
H = Hows (the cursed hows)
A = Action in the general direction of the end result

Please choose the equation that will make the most happen in your life, the fastest, with the least stress:

A. The End Result + Hows + Action = Manifestation
B. Manifestation + The End Result + Action = Hows
C. The End Result + Action = Hows + Manifestation
D. Action + Hows + Manifestation = The End Result
E. Eats Shoots + Leaves = Panda Energy

You may rest your hand,
The Universe

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