Who is Making Hybrid Cars

Toyota ain’t the only hybrid car manufacturer

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Toyota Started Something with Prius

Update, 2018: Toyota is still in the electric hybrid car business and their Prius and Prius Prime both made the best car list for 2018-2019. According to Car and Driver, both models got four stars out of five. See Car and Driver’s Best Electric Hybrid Cars List for 2018-2019.

Original Post:
This article is about hybrid cars. However, personally, 100 percent all-electric cars get my vote. And the day when switching to electric-powered transportation is a viable option for the working class may not be too far away. According to one site I visited there are over two dozen companies already poised to offer all-electric cars. Companies include Zapp, Tango, Dynasty, the Elbil Buddy (only available in Norway), Global Electric, Flybo, Myer Motors, Reva, Global Electric and others. The bigger auto manufacturers are also working on all-electric cars too.

Until all-electric cars are affordable and available everywhere, hybrids are a bridge of improvement. Some pollution reduction is better than no pollution reduction.

Why are hybrid cars so hot now? The recent, huge increase of gas at the pump shocked a lot of people into considering hybrids. Even though gas prices went down, there is still the threat that such a gas hike may happen again. Traditional cars are now on the hot seat because consumers and users are starting to complain about high gasoline consumption bills.

The increasing environmental concerns that about the planetary pollution effects of gas-powered cars been illuminated at a consumer level over the past few years and the influence of the consumer is turning the tide on gas-guzzling autos.

Because the greenhouse effect, or global warming, has begun to impact the planet through climate changes that even the most skeptical can no longer ignore, people are becoming more and more concerned about environmental degradation.

Enter Hybrid cars

Thus, hybrid cars, the manufacturers and supporters claim, are the cars of the future. That is because those cars are considered the answers to people’s prayers over the past years for vehicles that would not necessarily run on gasoline, which has prices that are so volatile due to emerging conflicts in the oil-producing countries every now and then and that would also bee good for the environment.

Hybrid car models

There are a number of hybrid car models available in the market today. The major companies are almost all claiming that their hybrid cars are the best hybrid cars ever produced in the market.

But are there serious proofs or implications from such claims?

The Japanese car makers have started the race for the best and most-patronized hybrid car models of today and the future.

Thus, from Toyota Motors, the market is now bombarded by the robust sales and increasing demand for hybrid car models that include the Camry hybrid and the Toyota Prius hybrid.

The Camry hybrid is considered the best hybrid car in terms of exterior features, designs and overall functionality. The claim is supported by the hybrid car model’s robust sales figures in the past couple of years.

The Prius hybrid car is considered the best hybrid car in terms of environmentalism. Toyota said this hybrid car is designed with zero-emission features, that bids goodbye totally or significantly to gasoline combustion processes in engines, which make up for the pollutants in the air.

The Honda hybrid car

For its part, Honda Motors will not take the competition for hybrid cars just sitting closely by. The Japanese car making giant has its famous Accord and Civic models spun-off in hybrids.

That is right. The hybrid models for the Honda hybrid cars are as efficient and as beautiful as the company’s old, traditional and reliable car models.

Honda claims that its hybrid cars are the best in the market today because the feel of driving them would be nothing different from driving the best car models from the company, namely the traditional and gas-powered Accord and Civic.

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