What Causes Kidney Stones?

What Causes Kidney Stones
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Health Care Information About Kidneys

Kidney stones are a painful condition resulting from minerals that have no dissolved and have congregated inside the kidney.

What Causes Kidney Stones?

According to Dr. Janet Hull, the following culprits should be suspected whenever kidney stones present themselves:

Not getting enough water. Dehydration can be a factor in the development of kidney stones.

Diets high in refined sugar and white flour, or processed foods containing chemicals

Some drugs can contribute to the development of kidney stones but Dr. Hull doesn’t go into detail on what those drugs are….ask your pharmacist if you are taking anything that is particularly hard on the kidneys

Artificial Sweeteners such as asparatame. Dr. Hull is very anti-aspartame as am I. While on her site you might want to research that subject as well.

Hydrogenated oils (not to mention that they are just plain bad for your heart)

Taking too much Vitamin D – I can attest to this one. Never had kidney problems to speak of but after taking 1,000 mg of Vitamin D for about a week, experienced kidney pain. Now, I only take Vitamin D about twice a week.

Vitamin A deficiency

A hereditary condition that sometimes causes kidney stones is called cystinuria. Ask your parents and grandparents if anyone was diagnosed with cystinuria in your family.

If you already know that you do have cystinuria, there is actually a support group on the internet, specifically for people with this condition. Please visit:
The Cystinuria Support Network for more information.

What can you do to prevent kidney stones?

In addition to her research on what causes kidney stones, Dr. Hull has amassed some good suggestions on preventing kidney stones too, so please visit her website for more information.

Some quick kidney stone prevention tips suggested by Dr. Hull:

Drink more water
Eat raw foods
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Specific kidney-healthy foods include:
Just as there certain foods, supplements and drugs may cause kidney stones or make them more likely, there are foods, and supplements that may help make kidney stones less likely. Here is a partial list:

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Vitamin B6
Kidney Beans

Dr. Hull also suggests a hair analysis, which is a service she also provides, for learning exactly which minerals you may be accumulating to excess.

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