Kundalini and Spiritual Acceleration Symptoms

Symptoms of Spiritual Acceleration
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Kundalini Awakening, Dizziness and Light

Question on Spiritual Healing:
I had a strange experience this afternoon. I was reading working on some projects and just felt soooo tired and drained (which is not unusual these days) I went to lie down for a few minutes.

While I tried to close my eyes and sleep I just couldn’t I lay there staring up at the ceiling and started to see a white yellowish light swirling first in circles it seemed clockwise counterclockwise i don’t know if there was a pattern then changed form altogether sort of like a pulsating dance?? of light.

Then, I felt this (really best I can describe it) sexual urge like a (sorry for description) like KEGEL exercises on steroids like I was giving and receiving back something from the universe. I was very aware of everything, every hair on my body, every sound etc. I could literally feel it pulsing in my body ???..

I guess I should mention that I have been experiencing alot of spiritual awakening… AM I going crazy do i need glasses or a therapist maybe both? Thank you for your time. I know you must be busy but I really have NOONE else to ask.

Healing Facilitation Response:
In the midst of intensity and confusion, rejoice!

Those are indeed symptoms of kundalini awakening and acceleration. I’ve had just that feeling you describe, more than once during my journey of awakening.

It’s helpful to remember that, even though it may feel as if you can’t go through this and still function in the real world, I’ve learned that Spirit always makes a way. Rest as often as you can, meditate as often as you can and, as the apostle Paul admonished, pray without ceasing during this spiritually annointed process.

What I mean by that is not that we go around praying in thoughts, like words in our head, but more that we adapt a prayerful attitude about everything, all the time.

While I must advise you to see a doctor if you feel that you are having physical reactions that might be checking out on a physical level, I can attest that everything you’ve described may also have a purely spiritual origin.

I will also say that you are not the first person who has had such an experience while reading the Healing Journey materials. Sometimes, it’s just time for a frequency to come in and the act of asking for more guidance, as you did when you requested the material, is enough to open the floodgates.

If you have a healer nearby and can get in-person work, that’s great for helping to integrate these experiences too. Even massage can help if you remain prayerful during the session.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

And congratulations!

Dizziness and spiritual acceleration

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