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Information on Drug Addiction

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Articles on Drug Addiction

I have posted a few posts about the use of prometa for drug addiction and it has proven to be a very popular subject. I found a datafeed that features articles about addiction and felt it might be beneficial to my readers to post that feed below.

If you are struggling with drug addiction, you may wish to read over the articles below.

If you came here for information specifically about prometa for drug addiction, please note the additional posts below:

Prometa Safety Concerns

Prometa Safety Concerns

Prometa Personal Experience Stories Sought

These are a few of the many articles covering drug addiction that you can read at the Science Daily Website. I’ve also included their brief definition of three common addictions:

Articles about Narcotics Addictions  – What is a narcotic? A narcotic is an addictive drug that reduces pain, induces sleep and may alter mood or behaviour.

Articles on Methamphetamine Addiction – One of the most prevelant drug addictions today but what is Meth? Methamphetamine (also referred to as methylamphetamine or desoxyephedrine) is a synthetic stimulant drug used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Articles on Alcoholism – What constitutes and alcoholic addiction? Alcoholism is the consumption of or preoccupation with alcoholic beverages to the extent that this behavior interferes with the alcoholic’s normal personal, family, social, or work life.

In addition to the articles listed above, this website also carries articles to address other addictions and health complications arising from drug addictions.  You can also find articles on other types of addiction from the reward-seeking triggers

Topics include controlled substances, drunkness, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder ( FASD ) methylphenidate, psycoactive drugs, opiods and cocaine.

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