Does Healing Work if the illness comes back?

Why does illness reappear after healing?
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If it comes back, did you fail as a healer

Question on Healing: I did a healing session with someone and their pain and symptoms went away but then my condition came back. Why?

Healing Facilitation Answer: I started out as an intuitive reader and quickly was moved into healing work. At first, I definitely did think I was “doing” something, causing people to shift, to change, to heal.

When I became a Reiki Master, I still saw healing as something I was doing….running energy.

Over time, I’ve realized that, if properly excecuted, a Reiki treatment is no more “running energy” than M.E. (Matrix Energetics). It is simply allowing oneself to entangle with the field and connect with a gridline laid down by Usui and many others, for the purpose of allowing shift.

As a Reiki Master, I’ve pondered this idea of healing vs allowing space for transformation for many years. M.E. helped me tremendously in integrating what I knew with what I didn’t yet remember.

It’s not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

We all have tools that can be helpful in the new reality and the new earth…they just need to be tweaked. Actually, what I see happening is that they are integrated into our beingness so completely that we no longer even “use” them; they are just part of who we are and flow through our experience effortlessly as we walk our path.

What started Usui on the search for what became Reiki was when his students, at the school he taught at in Japan, asked how to heal as Jesus healed.

Everywhere that Usui went to ask that question of how, he was told that the healing of the body had been forgotten because so much focus was on healing the Spirit.

He was determined to find out how to heal as Jesus healed and dedicated his life to that. Finally, after a long vision quest (I’m thinking it was 21 days…..) he received the Reiki symbols and was indeed able to do as Jesus did, to touch people and heal all sorts of conditions.

Usui went to the poorest parts of town and started healing everyone who wanted it. After a while, he kept seeing beggars he had already healed, still on the streets as beggars. He asked why they weren’t out working and living a different life.

Paraphrasing, they said it was easier to live as they had lived than to truly change and leave that life behind.

Usui then realized that Reiki, given for free, creates beggars and stated that never again would the energy be given away free.

It ain’t about the money:
Most people think that’s about money. I think Usui recognized that, unless a person partners in their own healing in some tangible way….unless they invest in themselves, any shift will be temporary….even M.E. shifts.

This question of permanent healing vs temporary shifts came up at the Matrix Energetics training I took in New York, with founder Richard Bartlett. I remember Richard saying in Omega that he had seen people “walk themselves back” into a condition they had released in his office, by the time they got to their cars.

The shift occurred and was measurable either by the absence of pain that had been there seconds before or by a notable shift in mental or emotional balance so why did it come back before they even got home?

There could be books written just on that question, and there probably have been. What I’ve learned is that it is not so important to know why. It’s important to know that we are all moving toward the highest and most delicious expression of Spirit we can be in these bodies and that apparent setbacks just don’t matter. It’s the experience and the journey that matters.

There’s a uniqueness about being in third-dimensional reality and in the human form that lends itself to unfolding in linear time. No one I know ever stood straight up as a baby and started walking. There were many tumbles back and forth until balance was achieved.

Would any loving parent say to the baby that it had not walked or stood? One second standing or one step taken would be applauded. Sacred space would be held for more steps and longer standing in the future rather than focus on the moment the baby fell down again.

I see no reason why transformation should look any different on Earth, at least at this point in the mass consciousness evolution.

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