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Mercury Toxicity Dismissed by Mamet

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A Career as a Thermometer?

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I heard it first on an entertainment news program….Jeremy Piven leaves his broadway role in “Speed the Plow” due to a mystery illness. My ears perked up when they mentioned mercury toxicity and I wanted to find out more so went online the next day.

It was so interesting to read that people assume Jeremy Piven made up this mystery illness to get out of his work. Director Mamet was quoted as having said he assumed Jeremy left the show to take up a career as a thermometer.

I find it so bizarre, as a wellness counselor who has been aware of heavy metals poisoning and the effects of accumulated heavy metals in the body for decades, to read that Jeremy had to have his doctor state that mercury toxicity was a “legitimate illness”.

I most certainly believe mercury toxicity is a legitimate illness. So does Dr. Barry Diner: Mercury Toxicity Overview. Who is Dr. Diner? Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine; Clinical Researcher, Emergency Medicine Research Center

Of course, there are others who believe mercury toxicity is not real. I strongly dislike this website because Stephen Barrett is in bed with Big Pharma and the articles he writes are often blatantly one-sided but, if you are looking for the opposing view then read The Mercury Toxicity Scam

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