Monsoon in India

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Our Lady of Blue Jeans in Monsoon India

Update, 2018: The picasaweb pages that houses the amazing pictures of India during the Monsoon season have been taken offline. Sorry about that. I’ve been posting entries as my dear friend Susan and her dear friend Olivier (who has since become my friend as well) dance across the world.

If you want to start at the beginning of their adventure here are the previous posts in order:

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and now I’m happy to be able to add India to the list.  Susan and Olivier arrived about the same time as the monsoon so a lot of the pictures in this album show India during monsoon and from the rather unique perspective of a motor-cycle as Susan snapped many of the pictures while riding through town.

There are wonderful pictures of the ashrams and shrines as well as the gorgeous home where Susan and Olivier are staying.

Another friend also visited India and I’d like to link to the post about Maggie’s trip too:

Please read goo-be-gone for some of the spiritual clarity that came out of Maggie’s visit to mystical, magical India.

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