The Green Beautiful

The Green Beautiful
la belle verte

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

This is my journey and how I’ve seen the world

Finally, an affirmation of what I’ve experienced my entire life and felt I was alone in experiencing. I’m not alone and it comes in the form of a funny, profound film. I’m not the only one who literally chokes on car fumes and has a body that literally shakes when around loud and disruptive sound. I’m not the only one who knows there’s a way to communicate far beyond the rudimentary use of words.

I’m not the only one who knows, core deep, that coming here to this planet took more courage than going just about anywhere else in the universe and that those of us who came, agreeing to disconnect when the time was right, have felt like we were going insane for very good reason.

It’s not easy, what we are doing.

I laughed so much watching the disconnects in la belle verte. Oh, lord. Belly laughs that I hadn’t enjoyed in so long. Not laughing at….laughing at recognition of truth I have witnessed all my life that had no mirror for me until now.

The Green Beautiful (la belle verte)in it’s entirety, felt like a reflection of my life.

I can’t begin to express enough gratitude to the brilliant minds that created it and brought it forth now, during the most massive and inevitable disconnect of a society ever. It’s been in the works for thousands of earth years.

It has been happening, one shocked and disoriented person at a time. Each one stumbling in the wake of being awake, stumbling into another who is yet asleep and then…..zap. Now, we finally enter a time of mass awakening such as has never been seen on planet earth. Those courageous souls who kept coming back, who would not give up on us, they are finally able to tune in to the earth and see progress. True progress. Evolutionary and radical awakening.

This film speaks TRUTH: Unfortunately, since I first watched The Green Beautiful years ago, the free youtube videos have been removed. I can’t find the free version anymore but there is an extended trailer of The Green Beautiful trailer and you can order the complete dvd here:

The Green Beautiful la belle verte

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