How do Coral Minerals Work?

How do coral minerals work?
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The Many Ways Our Body Uses Minerals

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Part one of this article What are Coral Minerals?

Minerals are the basic foundation for health. From our bones to the multitude of enzymatic activities within and without our cells, minerals are the key that opens the door to optimum health. This is accomplished by supplying the body with missing minerals that have crucial roles to play and by bringing overall mineral levels up, thereby raising the pH of body fluids and tissues back to their natural healthy levels. A high pH (alkaline) is important because most disease thrives in a low pH (acidic) environment.

Most people in our society are mineral deficient because the soils have become depleted through unsustainable farming practices. When the minerals are supplied in an organic assimilable form, health may improve. Coral contains every mineral needed by the body and is known for its synergistic relationship with the body. Did you know that orthopedic surgeaons use pieces of coral for bone grafts because the bone and tendons readily accept the coral?

From Whole Wellness Club: Coral Complex 3 a coral minerals supplement.

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