Sound of my own wheels

Still working that take it easy piece

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Even a Song Can Be A Teacher
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Yesterday, I posted about waking with the words of “Take it Easy” by the Eagles running through my head.

When I haven’t heard a song in ages and I wake up with it running like an endless loop in my head, I know I’m being bull-headed about seeing something. It’s one way my superconscious mind communicates with me when the ego has run amuck.

The ego was certainly having a field day the night before. If it could be worried about and stressed over, I did it.

I am preparing for a trip that, just a few years ago, would probably have looked totally impossible to me. Now, having had the experience of driving to New York for Matrix Energetics training, my idea of what I can do alone has changed.

Still, driving alone 1,500 miles to New Mexico in winter is not one my ego self is very comfortable with doing.

I am going to meet with Grandmothers. I believe Grandmothers hold the wisdom of the ages for this planet. Listening to and supporting the Crone at this time in history, even as I approach my own Crone time, is calling me so I’m going.

However, the words of the song inform me of several areas of struggle.

Yesterday, I notice the seven women line, correlating that to how I divide myself into aspects that all voice strong needs that are often non-progressive to the whole.

This morning, it was a different line that held a teaching.

“Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy”.

The night before, the sound of my own mental wheels turning almost did make me crazy. I lay awake, thinking of thing after thing that I still needed to do before I left.

Then, I started to worry and stress over the future.

Repeatedly, I called myself back to the warmth and comfort of the bed …. my present moment, the NOW that Tolle is always telling us is the only moment we truly have, was quite delicious and safe and yet, I kept choosing to go into future project with fear and worry.

The wheels may turn…..I realize that.

I have ingrained personality traits that may not let go of control just because I know I’m on the right path.

What’s important, or seems important for me in this moment, is to not let the sound of those wheels turning take me off path.

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