Spiritual Pilgrimage Struggles

Not taking it so easy but still going – Spiritual Pilgrimage Struggles

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

On the Road Again

This is the morning I’m heading out to New Mexico. I’ve been struggling with this trip, a LOT.

Getting ready this morning was like trying to pack with four crying babies running around after you, asking for first one thing then another, or screaming or asking question after question.

It’s funny but when I think of that, I think of the four women who want to own me.

And when I think about the trip, I also remember the message of not letting the sound of my own wheels drive me crazy.

Yeah, this ought to be an interesting trip. New Mexico awaits.

Well, one thing I realize is that I’m annoyed at the crying babies in me. That isn’t helping. If they were real babies, in fear about something they didn’t understand, I’d be doing everything I could to comfort them and explain in a way that made them feel safe. So, I’m working on that. Not being annoyed at the babies within me. They just want what we all want, to feel safe.

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